Part 2 - Hello Free World

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When I arrived in America I went to California to sort out my university stuff first, once that was sorted I decided to spend New Years Eve in New York. It was always a dream of mine to be in Times Square on New Years Eve and watch the ball drop. That dream turned into a reality.

My best friend Camilla who lives in America met me in New York on New Years Eve. Gosh we had fun after seeing her in such a long time. Truly it was a memorable night and one for the books.

The semester started with a bang and I had to dive in. Although I had missed many months I was given source material for all my classes to catch up as fast as possible. So for the next month I sat in my dorm room studying all I missed. I practically never left and I hardly seen anyone or met anyone except in class.

The first tests came and I was prepared and did well in them. I was so engrossed in studying that I forgot how much I missed Mom, Adam and Roesia. I decided to look for a job, I desperately needed one. I eventually found a part time job at H&M. Not exactly what I was looking for, but hey a jobs a job right. I called my family often almost 3 or 4 times a week, I missed them alot.

I made new friends and became close to my roommate Kiara. She was very outgoing and friendly and was unbelievably smart. I met a few of her friends and they then became my friends. The only thing stopping me from becoming closer to them was the fact that when they partied they drank. It's fun when you're all drinking, but when one of you isn't. It becomes not fun for that person. I don't drink ever, I done it once but never again. So we had a barrier between us.

One afternoon I was walking back to my dorm from class and I seen him. Wow. That is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. He has sandy blonde hair, his tall and built, he has blue eyes and he dresses like a character from Gossip Girl. I just looked at him. Way out of my league I thought.

In my room I looked into the mirror and really seen myself. Long brown hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned from the African sun. I wasn't thin, but I definitely wasn't fat either. I had just a little tummy. I started thinking about him again. So out of my league but wow he is gorgeous. At night Kiara and I decided to go out to dinner to a new fancy restaurant that just opened. We dressed up all pretty and went.

There he was the gorgeous guy from campus. He walked upto us and greeted Kiara and waited for an introduction. Kiara " Nate this is my roomie Sophia. Sophia this is Nate a childhood friend". We shook hands I was so nervous and shaking. He decided to join us for dinner. He was unbelievably friendly and he had such good manners. At the end of the night when Kiara went to the bathroom and left us alone he asked "So Sophie do I make you nervous ? I promise I don't bite." I didn't know how to respond "Uh no, um you don't make me nervous." He could see right through me. "Okay so if I don't make you nervous, give me your number and we can hang out sometime. I think you're gorgeous Sophia  " What? Am I imagining this. Did he just ask for my number ? "Uh okay". I gave it to him and Kiara came back. We went back to our dorm. I couldn't believe that he asked me for my number and told me I'm gorgeous.

Kiara knew something was up. I wasn't this happy ever. So I told her about Nate. She was so encouraging and told me all about him and how they grew up together. While we're talking he called me. "So Sophia, what are you doing tomorrow night ? Me "Um I'm not sure probably nothing" OMG he's going to ask me out "Would you like to go out for dinner with me tomorrow night Sophie?" Me " Yeah I would " OMG OMG "So I'll fetch you from your dorm tomorrow at 6. Bye Sophia take care"

Oh My God what just happened. Did he ask me out tomorrow. "Earth to Soph" Kiara knows how to snap me out of a mood. "Sorry, I just can't believe it. I mean he's way out of my league". "No he isn't you're gorgeous Soph" Kiara is so sweet. We decided on clothes that night and take for a long time until we fell asleep on the couch.

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