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Ron,Hermione and Harry stayed behing in divination class to help Neville clean up the cup he broke,Neville was reading Seamus's tea leaves and Seamus went behind him and scared him,Neville screamed so loud,the whole school could here him.Neville dropped the cup and it smashed everywhere,i was gonna help but Hermion told me to go on and get lunch.

I am walking down the corridor to the great hall very lonely" I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frooooozen"I sing very loudly bacuse there were noone around so i might as well.I get to the great hall and open the doors,there were a bunch of first year and a couple of other older students,I have no idea where everyone is.

"Charlotte is here!!!!!"I scream and everyone turns and looks at me,some first years look scred and look at me like i am crazy but older ones laugh and other people shake their heads.

Dorey is laughing and snape is glaring and looking at dorey expecting him to punish me  and Mcgonnagol looks like shes trying to hold in a laugh while trying to look annoyed and angry,hardly any of the teachers are here yet.

I run up the middle of the tables and up to the teachers table.

"So how are you Dorey"I ask dumbledore

"I am very good how are you,enjoying your first full day so far,do you like the teachers?"Dumbledore asks while chuckling  a bit.

"Oh I am great it is wonderful here,i love it the teachers are great and they all love me dont yous?"I say and ask the teachers

Professor Mcgonnogal nods here head while Snape just glares at me.

"Where are the teachers and pupils?"I ask Dumbledore

"well second years are on a day trip and fourth years are at hogmeade and there are 3 teachers away with the second years and 2 teachers are with the fourth years and all the rest I dont know,I suppose keeping them in late for doing something"Dumbledore says

"Ok"I say

I walk to Professor Mcgonnogal and stand infront of her by then more pupils are arriving.

"So how was your day?"I ask

"My day was very good thankyou"she says smiling "good to hear it, I suppose Dorey is taking good care of you "I say as she blushes a bit

"Good work keep up the good job Dorey!"I aay while giving him the thumbs up

I walk up to snape.

"how was my favourite evil professor "I say  he looks at me with an amused face of course hardly breaking his cruel face.

" I am good"he says with his usual scary face.

"Well thats good,byey"I say waving while leaving as I see Ron,Hermione and Harry enter the great hall,I run down to them.

"So did you get it all cleaned up"I ask

"yeah we had to comfort Neville beacuse he was very embarressed that he broke it"Hermione said.

We were going to walk to the table when I took one step and someone tripped me over and I fell to the ground,my face smashing against it.There is a pain searing through my face and I lye on the floor,I look up and see Malfoy looking down at me laughing with his mates.

"Why id you do that,just leave her alone!"said Hermione

I feel gravy go into my hair and down my shirt to my back.

"ewww,I am going to kill you Malfoy"I scream and start running after him while he is running down the aisles of the tables which has now got everyone attention.

"ahh crabbe,Goyle help"Draco shouted at them who were behing trying to grab me

"Go on Charlotte you can get him and when you do make sure you get him back good"Fred and Geroge shout from behind sitting at the table.

People are shouting and cheering me on.

"QUIET"Dumbledore shouts"Draco and Charlotte please come here"he shouts

Both of us walk up "filthy mudblood"Draco whispers beside me

we stand infront of dumbledore evertone eyes watching.

Draco you will have detention with Snape tomorrow night and the next night and also 10points will be taken off Slytherine,you may go now and ont do anything again"says dumbledore Draco walks off cursing under his breath

"I will take 5 points from Gryiffindore seeing as you chased a fellow student around the hall"he say

"okay but can I have permission to prank Draco seeing as you seen what he did"I ask

"Yes and i have the perfect idea,He leans forwards and whispers,after lunch will be a quidditch match so everyone will be out,you should bring Fred and Gerorge or someone with you to help,go to the slytherine common room,Fred and George will know where to go the passward is purblood and decorate the whole common room with Gryiffindor decorations"he say and leans back

"haha i am so doing that,thanks so much who knew you could be so cruel and fun"I say

I run down to Geroge and Fred and tell them my plan and they laugh and agree and I go to have a shower.

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