Chapter 2

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*Andrew Pov*

After placing her slowly on the bed or shall I say cot, I stepped back looking for some water to splash on her face.

However, when I moved my hand to pull the bottle from the small table I heard a groan and turned to see her face scrunching before she opened them.

"Help me!" she mumbled before closing her eyes again.

"No, no! You can't do that again." I mumbled frowning at her before kneeling on the floor.

"This time you can't sleep without giving me some answers so that I can really help you." I mumbled and sprinkled a few drops on her face.

"Hmm..." she mumbled before, again I can see her not conscious.

"Great!" I muttered, standing up and paced the room two steps on either way as I can't do more than that.

"Why is this hut so small? Even if it is, why did I never observe?" I mumbled asking myself before walking towards the small vessel present on the only table.

"Let her sleep, but I can't let my hunger go." I said, staring at the boiled vegetables before eating them.

Now what should I do? I thought looking around and walked outside before staring at every corner hoping to find some danger lurking around.

However, finding nothing but the darkness creeping around I walked inside the house. She is nothing but messing up with my schedule.

"Do you know what you are doing sleeping like that? You are messing up with my mind and my life." I said, placing the table beside the bed and sat on it.

"Do not understand? Well, I am here to explain only. You are messing up with my mind as it is at present filled with lots of questions regarding you and your asking for help. And you are messing up my life because you just made me sit here while everyday I sleep peacefully." I added before staring at her face closely.

"Who could have hurt you like this?" I mumbled brushing her hair away before gazing at the big bruise present on one side of her face.

"Ahh!" I suddenly heard a scream and felt myself being pulled to someone.

"Please! Don't hurt me." I heard her whisper and felt her tightening the hold on my shirt.

"It is okay!" I mumbled patting her back or at least tried.

After a few minutes, she suddenly moved back and stared at me with wide eyes. Why did I never observe the color of her eyes?

How could I? she is always closing her eyes within a second whenever she opens them, but hope now is not the case.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" she asked with panicked voice.

"Look..." I started saying before settling back properly on the table, but cringed hearing her screeching sound.

"Stop it! I am not the one who fell into your arms asking to help me." I shouted with a clenched jaw and she immediately stilled.

"Oh! Now I remember." She mumbled nodding and gave a small hesitant smile before looking around.

"This is my place." I replied to her unasked question and she gave another nod.

"Now, I will ask you a few questions which you need to be able to give answers to. Do you understand?" I asked, folding my arms.

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