"Who is it?" I ask as he puts his phone back inside.

"No one baby. Just a friend." He says and I can sense he is lying.

"Oh and this just a friend's text stole all color from your face. Right." I say pointedly and he sighs.

"Its from Steve." He says regretfully.

"What does it say?" I ask and he shakes his head.

"Don't bother baby. You already been through a lot." He says and I entwine my hand with this.

"Xavier your problem is my problem. Its not a bother. Tell me what does it say." I prod but he doesn't budge. I look at him expectantly and he sighs again,

"It says 'You are going to pay soon. Ain't nobody messes with Black Daggers'. Black Dagger is their gang's name." He says and my pulse quickens in fear. These people are not to be taken lightly.

"Xavier you should really inform Della and Mr. West about this. Its serious and not in our control now." I say tensed and he nods.

"I know and I'll tell them today. I just can't find enough courage Sam."

"Xav they are your parents. And you made a mistake and corrected it. Its fine, its normal. This time, its not your fault so please stop feeling guilty and blaming yourself. These people are wrong, not you. Just tell them. I'm sure your parents will understand." I explain and he nods firmly.

"Yeah Sam, I'll tell them tonight. Come I'll drop you to the hospital. Your mom arrived today morning right?" He confirms and I nod. Dad made all the arrangements and arrived back to the city hospital today morning. The only issue is his work which he can't resume immediately. So he will be home till his boss can make some arrangements.

"Yeah lets go." I say and we leave. Xavier drops me at the hospital and then drives home. I spend the entire day with mom while dad rests at home. At around 8.00 in the night, dad comes back to the hospital.

"Baby girl you should go home now." He says as he stand beside me and I shake my head.

"No dad, I think I'll stay for while. As it is I don't have school tomorrow."

"Oh why not?" Dad asks.

"Because of some event being held in our school, the students are given off except the ones who took part in volunteering the event." I explain and he nods.

"But still baby, you have been up since early morning. I had enough rest for the day. Now you go home and study as you have exams in the next month." He says in soft yet stern voice and I sigh in defeat. 

 I get up, hug him and with no other words exchanged, I return home.

The next morning Xavier comes in through the door. Dad came home early in the morning and so he is the one who gets the door.

"Hello Xavier, come in." Dad says and lets him in. Xavier steps inside, smiling at me and hands me four bacon and cheese sandwiches.

"Oh Xavier, this wasn't needed." Dad says gratefully.

"Its nothing Mr. Collins. Mom insisted that you try her bacon cheese sandwich." 

"Oh we will definitely but we just had breakfast. Surely a bit later. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to your mother." 

"Will do Mr. Collins." Xavier says and then I question him silently about yesternight. Dad notices our awkward exchange and goes to his room, leaving us free to talk.

"So did you...tell your parents?" I ask and he nods.

"Yes I did. Dad is quite angry about the gang threatening me and mom is scared. I don't know what will happen next." He replies and I nod. A tense silence falls between us and I decide to ward it off.

"Hey you want to help me with math? You know I need to graduate this year." I say smiling, trying to lighten the tight mood which has prevailed between us from the past few days. Xavier's face lights up and he smiles back.

"I'll get my stuff and we can study here." I say and hop to my room to collect my math books. We spend 2 hours doing maths when suddenly, Xavier's phone rings. He picks up and his jaw clenches and he starts to sweat after hearing the other.

"What happened? Who was it?" I ask concerned as he puts down his phone.

"It was mom. She said Noah was picked up by some guy from the school before she could get him." He says and I tremble with fear.

"You think it was someone from the Black Daggers?"

"Yes its has to be! They did threaten to harm you or my family." He says and I gasp in shock.

"We're in deep trouble Sam. Deep, deep trouble." Xavier says looking ahead, shaking his head.

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