Mistakes were made; but so were memories.

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No time for talk!! Here is the 3rd chapter of How fame made her fall!





The next day her mood plummeted from her prior gratification to her usual dismal, melancholic existence. It had nothing to do with the drawing what-so-ever. It was still on her desk, covered by a towel; it hadn't seen the light of day. She bothered no more to open her curtains and reveal her sanctuary to the worlds light. They didn't deserve her.

At the time though, she was not in the darkness. She was at school.

High School was a painful thing for her. Taking up so much of her effort and time; yet it was the only place she felt she earned a meager amount of acclaim she thought she deserved. If I am to speak truth, she didn't deserve it. Her self-obsession made her believe she deserved it; but fame is earned by fame itself.

Don't understand? of course you don't. Your a pitiful existence and nothing more than the girl. Simply an existence fueled by nothingness. Why do I tell you this? Because I am also futile. I too, am also nothingness and nothing more. You and I, we both mean nothing to the rest of the world.

Unless of course you are famous.

That changes everything. Fame makes you important to society. Not famous not important. They aren't called VIP's for nothing.

I should stop rambling and continue before I get mad.

She was sitting by herself, her peers walking by without even taking a small glance at her. She might as well have just been an ornament to them; plastered to the ground where she sat and the wall on which she leaned.

For all they cared she could have been apart of the wall concealed by peeling paint in cheap colours of blue and the palest green. Just another piece upon the wall of life, the wall of nothingness.

She was sitting silently, her eyes boring through the linoleum as if it was much more interesting than what it really was. Her thick lashes hid her light eyes from her peers view. They could not see her anyway. Just another piece upon the wall, if I must say so again.

Summing up all of her courage, she stood and prepared herself for what she was about to do. I laugh at her for her ignorance upon the matter at hand, but commend her for her bravery in such a situation.

I would be more than happy to tell you myself what happened; but the best stories are told by those who experienced it firsthand. and honestly I feel I have no right to explain and assume what her complex emotions and feelings were at the time. I feel I would degrade them of their enormity.

He was there. Across the room. Beautiful as always; no strain etched itself into his perfect features. He was beautiful to say the least. A piece of artwork that had taken many years to handcraft into the creature he was now.

If wings sprouted from his back I would not be surprised. If a halo began to hover over his thick pile of raggedy brown hair I would relish in its presence.

His friends laughter startled me, I awoke from my trance to a world now bestowed with his beautiful smile. I stared at his smile. It was his halo. Glowing, bright, and so very happy.

I sighed in anticipation. The words rolling through my mind again and again.

I had premeditated in my mind everything I was going to say:

"Please... I lov-.... me too.... Always felt like thi-..." It would be amazing.

Soon I would be the girlfriend to Sam Hadoff. Heat spread across my cheeks like it was summer and not the harsh winter it was. I rubbed my hands together as i was reminded of the cold.

He began to stand up, his friends mimicking his graceful steps. But of course not like him. They were so un-polished and awkward when they moved. his complete opposite my prefect match.

I knew that somewhere in his heart and mind he knew he loved me too. He always had.

He begins to drift away from the table, me and my eyes.

"Wait!" My voice, usually so hidden deep in my own thoughts erupts out of me like a tidal wave.

Everyone turns around and stares me in the eye. Contemplating whether they knew me or not. They were the stupid ones.

Sam looks me straight in the eye, pointing a finger at himself and staring at me like I was crazy. Which I was not.

'Me.' His perfect lips sculpted the silent words.

I nod.

He steps forward through the crowd of people. Most lingering to see what was going on, some didn't.

"Umm.." He ran a hand across the part line of his hair, shifting his eyes as if he were nervous. Surely he wasn't.

I mimic his words by accident. "Umm.." He stares at me sadly, as if I disappointed him.

A few moments of beautiful silence pass through us and I shiver knowing that he and I were now connected somehow.

"You see..." His words trail off with his eyes. His hands grip around the bag hanging over his shoulder tightened. "I've got to get to class. And.." He stopped again. Taking a small second to look back at his giggling friends. "Please don't talk to me. I have better things to do." His blue eyes hardened, the laughing behind him growing stronger as he stepped back to follow his friends.

Others laugh too. Their laughing resonating though my ears.

I looked around me at the world that didn't seem real. This couldn't be happening. I tore at my hair and ran. As fast as I could to the door.

Tears fly past my face. Each one bringing another harsh sting to me heart. Already littered with pin-pricks and wounds. My hands reach in font of me and push open the doors. Slowly easing me back into the outside world. Covered with frozen tears compacted and named snow.

My tears slowly fell. Adding to the snow as I continued to run.

Soon tears were frozen to my dying face.

...Isn't it funny how things are easier in your mind. Scenes play out differently when another twisted human mind is involved. You can always predict another's answer, but you will never always be right. that is the beauty and the betrayer of the human mind.


Humans are burdened by choices.

Why should nothings like us be worthy of choice? We are nothing. You should never think differently, never decide that things will be different than what they really are because they won't. Things never change.

I tell you this for your own good. Before it is too late and your mind is polluted by pleasurable thoughts of optimism and joy.

This is a warning. before its too late remove your thoughts from your life and live in your dreams! They are imaginary. A dream cannot hurt you the way reality can! Stay away from reality and linger in the dream.

In the dream everything goes the way you plan.

Because no one else lives to ruin your life like in reality.

Humans are made to destroy and nothing more.

A final note from your narrator:

The dream is gateway to eternal happiness.

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