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Kelsey’s POV:

          “Ooh Kelsey!” I heard Harry’s voice sing out, and I looked up from the iPad to see Harry enter the room.

          “How can I help you?” I ask, chuckling slightly as I lock the iPad as Harry giddily walks into the room, coming on the bed and sitting down in front of me on his knees.

          Harry grinned cutely, his dimples making a pleasant appearance. “Close your eyes and hold your hands out,” he tells me, “I have something for you.”

          “O-kay,” I say confusedly, but close my eyes nonetheless and put my palms out. I then feel something on my hands, feeling like paper, and I open my eyes to see that I’m staring down at what looked like two plane tickets. “What the – what’s this?” I ask, looking back up at Harry.

          The smile never left his face. “Two plane tickets to Miami, tomorrow night,” he says. “I figured, before it’s too late, you might wanna go back to visit Logan and whatnot, and I’ll come with you. You know, before you’re too pregnant to travel.”

          “Thank you,” I grinned widely, looking down at the tickets. “This is amazing, Haz. I have to tell Logan.”

          “Already did,” Harry chuckles, “what you’ve gotta do now is start packing.”

          I smile and look at him. “Help me?” I ask innocently, staring at him with wide eyes

          “Sure,” he rolled his eyes, smiling as the two of us got off the bed.

          Let’s just say, when it comes to packing, I’m the worst and Harry’s the best at it. I just dump everything and anything in there, while Harry actually neatly folds and puts everything in order. So it came in handy to have him help me with my packing, since I was such a slob when it came to things like these.

          As I tossed yet another pair of my maternity pants in my suitcase, Harry picked it up. “You are literally the worst at packing,” he says, laughing as he starts folding them.

          I laugh and throw my shirt at his face as I watch it drop on the floor after it hits him. “Shut up,” I say, “that’s what you’re here for.”

          “I see that that’s what my life has come to,” Harry sighs jokingly as he put a pair of his shorts in his suitcase.

          “Your life came to this the minute we found out I was pregnant, buddy,” I tell him and then with a grin I add, “you’re my bitch.”

          Harry stopped what he was doing and stared at me with those bright green eyes. “Did you just call me your bitch?” he asks, looking a bit shocked.

          “Maybe,” I taunt, “what’re you gonna do about it?”

          “Well, I’d normally tackle you on the bed,” he says and my eyes widen. “But since you’re pregnant, that’s out of the question.” I let out a sigh of relief. “But I can do this.”

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