I cried into the shoulder of my best friend Carmen as she patted my hair lying to me. Telling me over and over, “It’ll be okay.”

Lies. It won’t be okay. Without Greyson, there’s nothing left of me. Greyson was the peanut to my jelly, the Mac to my cheese, the reason that my heart is still beating! And now, there he goes, my little Romeo.

“Sam, can we talk?” Greyson had said, entering my room with a sorrowful look upon his face.

Worried, I responded, “Sure.”

Greyson grabbed my hand and took me out on my balcony where 15 months before, he stood with his guitar in one hand singing an acoustic version of “One less lonely Girl”. He let out a loud sigh and pulled me in for a tight embrace.

“Grey, what’s wrong?” I asked the strain in my voice was noticeable.

I felt a warm tear fall from his cheek to my shoulder. He hugged me tighter, like he was never going to let go. He handed me a rose and stood up.

“Sam,” he whispers as though he was exhausted, wipes away a tear and continues, “I’m sorry, but it’s over” the way he said it stung, his voice almost emotionless.

“What!” I exclaimed as tears began falling like a waterfall.

Greyson glanced at me once more and left with no explanation what so ever on why he was suddenly ending our 15 month relationship.

I sunk to the floor still holding the rose he gave me. The last rose he’ll ever give me…

I bawled my eyes out until my friend Carmen showed up. She was suppose to be here having a fun night, but instead she’s here comforting her best friend…

“What did I do wrong?” I cried.

“Shhhh…You did nothing wrong. He’s just being stupid. I’m sure he’ll be back soon after he realizes he lost a great girl.” Carmen said.

“You really think so?” I asked through tears.

“Yes.” Carmen says patting my head.

I laid my head on Carmen’s shoulder and gazed up at the zillions of photo’s on my wall of Greyson and I. From photo’s of us being silly to us kissing…it was all too much. Those brown eyes starring back at me…

“I miss him already!” I say bursting in tears once again.

“It’ll be okay.” Carmen whispers into my ear.

It won’t be okay. I know it won’t! The love of my life is gone! No other guy on earth can fill the emptiness inside of me. I know no matter how hard I try to mend my broken heart, I can’t because how am I suppose to fix a broken heart when he took the other half with him?

“I’m not a princess, this ain’t a fairytale…” I began to sing softly.

“Oh, Sam, don’t torture yourself.” Carmen said quietly.

I might as well. It won’t make any difference. Life without Greyson is already torture.

Who’s going to tell me I’m pretty when I’m down? Who’s going to call me every night? Who’s going to hug me and kiss my forehead? Who’s going to comfort me in my time of need? Who’s going to walk me to school everyday?

I guess Carmen read my mind because she tells me,

“Don’t worry, Chris and I will be there for you. We’ll comfort you, walk you to class, and make sure you feel prettyful!”

I let a light laugh escape my lips.

“Are you going to hug and Kiss my forehead too?” I joked.

Carmen giggled and picked up her phone to invite Chris over. I went down stairs to make popcorn and snacks for us. I found a note on the microwave from Mom.


Off to dinner with your Father. We’ll be back later. Go ahead and invite Chris over toom but make sure he stays OUT of my underwear drawer please and thank you.

Love You.

I smiled as the memory of Chris running around with my Mom’s underwear on his head hit me. It was just another game of truth or dare. Greyson had dared Chris to run around with my Mothers underwear. I didn’t think he’d actually do it though.


Just his name makes me wanna die. His name makes my heart ache so much. I don’t think there’s any pain in this world worse than this. Worse than heart break.

I stared into the microwave at the popcorn popping away just like the bullets Greyson is shooting at my heart.

I felt hot warm tears run down my cheek and hit the counter.

“Chris is on his way.” Carmen says entering the kitchen happy as a clam.

Her mood quickly changed when she saw the tears pouring from me. Carmen ran over to me and pulled me into a tight embrace.

“Sam, I’m so sorry.” She cried with me.

“It hurts so much!” I managed to say through the waterfall of tears.

“I know it does.” Carmen tells me. “I promise, it will all be over soon.”

Suddenly Chris enters through the front door holding cookies, ice cream, chocolate and flowers. He tries to smile at me, but fails. He always gets soft when he see’s a girl crying. He puts down everything in his hands and walks over to me.

“Group hug.” he says, embracing both of us. “I’m so sorry.”

I cry harder. Chris squeezes me tighter.

“I know Sam, I know.” He whispers to me softly.

“No, I’m fine.” I couldn’t lied, you can hear the sorrow in my voice.

“It’s okay, Sam. We’re you’re friends. Go ahead and let it out.” Carmen tells me.

Carmen was right. So I let the tears fall.

“Come on, I got ice cream.” Chris whispers.

“I don’t want to eat I’m to sad too! Carmen go get me a spoon!” I ordered.

“Chocolate. Your favorite!” Chris chuckles.

“I LOVE YOU!” I yelled angrily while I snatched the tub of ice cream from Chris.

“Urrg this is so good!”

“Calm yourself.” Chris and Carmen say in an weird unison.

“Now, come one, sit on Chrissy’s lap and tell me everything that happened!” Chris pats his lap and gives me a little wink.


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