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One Direction - Wolves

A/N: This is the epilogue and I thank everyone for helping me get this far . I hope you enjoyed reading this story . Please share to your friends . More stories will be on its way . But for now ..this is goodbye ! Love you all



4 years later

"I can't believe this is happening "

"I know right "

"I remember running from Katrina like yesterday "

"Yeah..me too. Wow , we're becoming adults right now "

"How's my hair ?!"

"It's fine"

"Face ? ..Do I look cakey ?!"

"No you don't "

"Boobs ?"

"Evelynn "

"Sorry ! I just want to look presentable "

"Why does it matter ? It's not like everyone is gonna see it "

"Whatever , are you sure about my hair being okay ?! I feel like I've pulled a Megan trainor"

"Eve ! You look fine ! Stop worrying about how you look!"

"Shhhh!" A guy sitting infront of us turned around and gave us a fithly glare .

"Say it ! Don't spray it " Eve spat .

"Eve" I warned " Please accept our apologies "

The guy rolled his eyes and turned back to his seat .

"I'm so glad I never have to see his ugly face again"

"Well we were being loud "

"I don't care ! It's my graduation day.."

".....Our graduation day...."

"..And I refuse to look like a mess when I go up there and get my diploma "

"Eve you won't I promise "

"How are you so calm Ski ?" I shrugged . I've completed my course and I was finally graduating. It seemed surreal to me . It was as if I finished high school just yesterday .

It's crazy how time flies .

"I just am "

"Evelynn Green"

"That's you ! Get up ! Go " I pushed a shocked Eve from her seat .

I clapped along with the crowd as I watched my older sister flush in embarrassment, receiving her diploma.

"How high are your sisters heels " someone whispered to me clearly surprised that My sister could even stand let alone walk .

"Higher than any blunt smoked in this premises"


"I know right"

"Skylar Green "

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