Ch 22: Do not Tempt me

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Gizmo POV:

Killian and I stared one another down for a long moment.

Perhaps challenging one another was no a good use of our time but I did find it rather amusing.

daft man thinks i wont simple shoot him in the knee to get my answers.

Suddenly that horribly charming smile was back on his face full force, "gizmo dear I do believe you have endured a quite a bit of stress in the previous night, perhaps i should make breakfast and some more tea for your nerves."

I pulled my pistol from my skirts, "sit your bloody ass down mr Blythe."

His smile grew a bit more devious, "as you wish my lady. May i suggest you lower your weapon. There appears to be a gentleman at your door."

I peered over my shoulder through my window, where the figure of a man stood about to knock on my front door.

growling to myself I put my pistol back and stormed to my entryway, throwing it open, "what?"

The sailor from the other day blinked at me, "captain wanted me to tell you we leave at dusk today and you are welcome to join us."

My eyes widened a bit. I found myself checking to make sure the fool wasnt around. "Dusk? Perfect. I will be there. England has has left a bitter taste in my mouth."

He nodded a bit, "sorry to hear that miss."

"Dont be. Im not sweet myself. Good day."

I closed the door before he could reply.

How does one pack with a man curiouser than a cat breathing down their neck and leave him oblivious?

"Going somewhere love?"

My brow twitched in annoyance. I supposed one doesn't. My eyes slid over Mr Blythe as he casually leaned against one of my walls with all the poise of a predatory cat.

I was beginning to wonder which of us truly has the upper hand at the moment.

"Yes as a matter of fact I am."

He hummed, one corner of his lip tilting up, "where to?"


He chuckled, "gizmo..."

I rolled my eyes, "moron..."

"Honesty will take you much further remember."

"That was for you Mr Blythe I find that my lies and wit are still working quite well for instance you have yet to notice that before meeting you today I managed to fetch this."

His jaw dropped as I held his letter between two of my fingers. "How.."

"Post man was more than happy to assist a young woman who was fretting over the fact she has simply forgotten to write her grandfather a poem in this letter. The ailing man just lives for my poetry you know."

He stared at me blankly, "the day you write poetry to ailing men is the day swine sprouts wings and learns to fly."

"I am sure i could give a pig wings and make them work. To be honest I have yet to try. I thought perhaps it would be much too noticeable. Shall we test this?"

"No. We shall mail that letter."

I ripped it open and pulled out the parchment.

"Dear E- by god what is he your mistress? do you not know his name?"

"Gizmo. give it."

I continued to read the letter aloud, "I am delighted to inform you that Miss Ginnie Gladstone has been found, alive and well. She is not immobile as you had once believed her to be. In fact she is overall a snippety and ambulatory girl." I rose a brow at mr Blythe stepping back as he tried to take it from me before continuing, "if you would like me to bring her to you I fear it may require some force, she is a rather stubborn bird who does as she pleases and once she sets her mind to something changing it would be more difficult than calming a bull in a china shop painted red." I paused for a long moment staring at there man before me.

Fool wouldn't meet my gaze.

"But...if you do require her I will be willing to bring her it may simply take more time seeing as she will more than likely attempt at violence and would need to be sedated if force was necessary as not to hurt her. write back as soon as you can with orders, greatest regards, Killian."

Silence consumed the room. 

"Well Mr Blythe. you certainly didn't find fault with my snippety attitude and stubbornness while you got a lovely feel of my  ambulatory form last night."

He sighed, "gizmo...I-"

"oh shut your bloody mouth." I slowly stalked over to him,  pressing my form against him as I craned my neck to whisper in his ear even in these blasted heeled boots. I took his hand brining it to my waist, "go on then Killian, force me."

his eyes darkened as he looked down at me, "do not tempt me dear."

I licked my lips tiny smirk playing over my face as I started to loosen the front laces of my bodice, "I think its a bit late for that now don't you dear? so please by all means force me."

He swallowed hard.

"its simply a matter of where it is you wish to bring me, to your master..or my bedchambers."

His eyes closed for a moment as he breathed in deeply before his hands gripped my waist tighter, "damn you to hell woman. you are going to be the death of me."

"well I would hope so, I'm going to need the company in hell if I am going to be damed."

He groaned, "you..."

"so whats it going to be Killian?"

He was still for a moment.

Then  he decided.

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