They were infinite. They were the beginning and the ending; they were eternity.

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Aelin Ashryver Galathynius gritted her teeth, leaping back a step as one of the demented soldiers slashed his sword towards her, grinning visciously as she narrowly avoided getting sliced across the chest.

Blood oozed from a cut on her temple, from the cuts on her arms. Her healing was slowing down, which meant her power was beginning to drain. Not good.

She briefly glanced to the side, not even looking at the Valg soldier in front of her as she slammed her sword through his chest before cleanly slicing off his head.

The body fell to the ground, black blood coating the grass beneath her feet. Using Goldryn allowed her to save some of her power, but it made it difficult to finish the Valg soldier in front of her quick enough without having another one coming up right on her to replace the one she just killed.

She allowed herself a moment to check on the others, drawing a lungeful of air into her lungs. Her gaze flicked towards Chaol and Nesryn, fighting side by side to her left. Nesyrn was shooting down the enemies that threatened to approach her and Chaol, her dark eyes narrowed as she aimed at her targets flawlessly with her crossbow.

Meanwhile, Chaol used his sword to cut down any enemy that got too close to her, soot and sweat coating his brow. Aelin turned towards Rowan and Aedion, whom were to her right.

The two Fae males were an excellent team. Aedion had a wolf's grin on his face as he brutally cut through the Valg soldier in front of him, with Rowan swinging around to choke the air out of the enemy that crept up behind the golden warrior. Although an excellent pair, Aelin could see that the two were growing tired as well. She could tell that Rowan's power was draining too, and Aedion had a nasty gash on his shoulder.

She considered going over to help them, until a flash of silver caught her eye. A ghost leopard had joined the two males, snarling at the Valg with black blood dripping from her maw. She leaped from Valg to Valg, using her claws and teeth to rip out throats and to decapitate heads.

Aelin smiled a bit to herself before moving her gaze to rest on the King of Adarlan fighting just ahead of her, his sapphire eyes flashing as he turned and struck a Valg with a dagger made of ice. She was surprised Chaol had agreed to the teams she had suggested for the battle, though only after he had made her promise to look after Dorian, which she had planned on doing anyway.

The king was doing pretty well, despite this being the first time he had ever really fought in hand-­to-­hand combat. He had done well in learning to control his magic. She couldn't help but feel proud.

She looked up just as she sensed one of the Valg lunging for her, a brute of a man with scars all over his pale face. She leaped to the side, baring her elongated canines at the soldier in a grin. She swung around and slashed Goldryn towards him, then she flashed to his side as he jumped back to avoid her blow. Gods, there were thousands of them. Could Adarlan's and Terrasen's combined armies keep this up for much longer?

Suddenly, she heard Chaol shout to her left.
"Dorian!" She whipped her head around to look towards Dorian, but the Valg soldier before her took advantage of her distraction and slashed his sword in an arc towards her neck. She swore and ducked, the tip of the blade leaving a shallow cut on her throat. Feeling enraged, Aelin lunged forward and incinerated her enemy with her flames, not even giving a second glance as he turned to ash.

She turned her attention immediately back to Dorian, hearing Chaol call out again as he tried to reach his friend from across the field. She felt something split inside of her as the large soldier standing in front of Dorian swung out with a massive blade, his onyx gaze glittering as he sliced Dorian across the chest before she could even make a move.

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