Chapter Six: Cleanup

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The ground shook again as the battle ended. Da'bral breathed a sigh of relief and rolled over, gazing into the starry sky. He'd barely known the siblings, but they were good people, and nobody deserved a death like that.
"Oh, Merich," he whispered to himself, "What were you thinking?"
Then his thoughts turned to Ishti. He'd never seen him like that before, so full of rage, so irrational. Da'bral had barely been able to stop the pirates from killing him as he ran straight into the open. He knew that Ishti had seen something in the girl, perhaps something of himself. Da'bral realised that Ishti was in no state to return to base anytime soon, but the Voxes' bodies would need to be taken back to Corellia. He sighed and made a call.

A roguish, blonde haired human appeared on his holo-transmitter.
"Hey, Dabs!" Da'bral cringed at the horrible nickname.
"I need a favour, Farrel, a big one." Da'bral's face was sincere, and Farrel picked up on it.
"Sure, what happened?"
"Both the Voxes are dead, and Ishti's taken it badly. I need you to take the bodies back to Clotis IV. We'll give you 25% of the credits, and we'll be back as soon as we can, I hope."
Farrel's face darkened at the mention of the Voxes' deaths, and agreed to help in any way he could.
"Hey, Da'bral, before you go -" But then Da'bral heard Ishti shouting Nyron's name, hatred dripping from each syllable.
Da'bral apologised and ended the transmission, looking down to what Ishti and Nyron were doing.

"You killed them!"
Ishti was staggering to his feet, looking ready to murder Nyron right there.
"Hey," Nyron raised his hands in defence, apparently confused, "What'd I do?"
Then Ishti charged, bull rushing Nyron and sending them both crashing to the cold desert sands. Da'bral rushed down from the ledge and ran to the two men, ripping them from each others grasps.

"You two should be ashamed!" he said furiously, "You think this is the time for fighting each other? We just lost two friends! And you can't have any proof that Nyron was at all involved! If today has taught us anything it's that we need to stick together, no matter our differences, or we will fall. Anoobas never last long on their own. Now let's go, before any of those Anoobas smell pirate. I've asked Farrel to pick up Karlien and Merich in exchange for some credits, he'll be here soon."

None of them moved for a while, but then Ishti got up slowly, and thanked Da'bral for bringing him back to his senses. Then together the three of them brought the crates of stolen goods and the bodies of their friends back to the speeder, and set off for Mos Aran. The journey was silent, even Nyron was quiet, and they were all glad when they finally reached Aran. It didn't take long to find their client's residence, it was a palace, the biggest building in the city.

A Toong welcomed them as they entered the palace. The atrium was lit by many candles, and was decorated by tapestries, weapons and ornaments.
"So you're the bounty hunters The Grin hired, huh?" said the Toong, his faked cheerfulness starkly contrasting the bounty hunters' dark moods. "I thought there were five of you. Oh well, so long as you have the weapons, that's all that matters, isn't it! Yay." He gestured to two Gamorreans who brought the crates inside. "I've got the money here! 10,000 credits! Wow, isn't that generous."
Ishti apathetically took the credits. They all knew, except the Toong, of course, that the price they'd paid was much more than 10,000 credits.

Still not talking, they left the palace to await Farrel's arrival. When he finally did, Nyron and Ishti placed the bodies on his ship, and Da'bral gave him his reward, thanking him again.
"It's not a problem, my friend. The credits are more than enough thanks." He graciously replied, and boarded his ship, waving back at Da'bral as he took off. Da'bral suddenly remembered that Farrel had wanted to tell him something, but he let the thought go, telling himself that if Farrel hadn't remembered, it couldn't have been that important.

"I wanted to thank you again, Da'bral." Ishti told him as they walked back to their speeder, "You're the only one who's managed to stay sensible tonight, I don't know how things would have gone without you. I think I'm okay now, so I can keep an eye on our friend for the remainder of today. You have some fun, you've earned it. Don't worry," he said with that coy smile back on his face, "I won't kill 'im."

Da'bral seemed worried by the joke, but he was obviously glad to see his friend cheerful again. "Alright," he said, "Where shall we go?"
"Let's go back to Mos Enda, and finish this where we started."
"Hey," broke in Nyron, "What're y'all whisperin' about?"
"We're going back to the Mos Enda cantina - the nice one."
Nyron shrugged.
"So long as it has rum, it's all aight with me."

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