Unexpected love (natsu x reader)

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A/n: I'm dedicating this one to my bfflwylion, Bug_Gamer she loves Natsu, so here!  This also contains spoilers to the tower of heaven, if you haven't watched that part yet, then I suggest you should not read this!

(Y/N)'s P.O.V.

I stared face to face with a pink haired boy. About to fight him for Jellal! To complete the tower of heaven. He kept yelling about how he wanted to save Erza and stop Jellal and I from completing the Tower of Heaven. He yells at me-

"FIRE DRAGON WING ATTACK!" I easily block it with earth shield. If you didn't know, I'm a second generation earth dragon slayer. And I have the ability to fly. The boy yells another attack-

"FIRE DRAGON! ROAR!" I was too busy thinking about strategies that his attack actually hit me. I threw an attack right back at him-

"EARTH DRAGON! ROAR!" He gets hit and is knocked out unconscious. I smirk and drag him to the top floor of the building. I dropped him right in front of Jellal, the head of the place, showing him my good work. He contacted millianna, sho, Simon, and Wally. Saying "(Y/n) has taken down the fire wizard!"

3rd person P.O.V.

Natsu woke up and found himself on the ground, in front of Jellal and (y/n). He got up and blasted (y/n) unconscious with a fire dragon iron fist. Jellal smirked and contacted millianna, sho, Simon, and Wally again informing them that "The fire wizard has risen up again, (y/n) has fell!"

Natsu's P.O.V

I looked at her, on the ground, unconscious. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair caught my eye. Her hair was beautiful, her (s/t) skin matched her perfectly. She had to be the prettiest villain I've seen. Maybe if I just help her change her mind about the tower. I picked her up, bridal style and I started running back to find everyone else but then she slapped me in the face. I looked at her, she looked angry but she had a little pink tint on her cheeks that weren't there before. She yelled-

"PUT ME DOWN! You're the enemy! Why are you carrying me?!" I put her down and blushed as I walked away and as I was walking I ran into this door that got swung right at me and I fell backwards, still conscious She laughed, and said-

"Millianna, what are you doing?" I looked at the cat looking girl holding a blue cat.... Wait THATS HAPPY! He was crying and begging to be put down. I quickly jumped to my feet and grabbed happy. The cat girl, also known as millianna said-

"MY CAT! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY CAT!" She screamed and protested! Happy flew out of my arms and said-

"I'm not your cat! I'm Natsus! And I'm no ordinary cat! I'm an exceed!" I laughed. The earth dragon slayer girl also known as (y/n) said-

"Why are you wasting time playing with cats! You should be fighting the enemy!" She pointed at me and punched me, I'm surprised this didn't go into a full on brawl.

(Y/n)'s P.O.V.

I looked at the fire wizard, wait, dang he is cute up close, but I can't let love make me lose thought of my mission, completing and running the tower of heaven.

**time skip, author~chan is too lazy**

I have been crying my eyes out for about an hour. I can't believe Jellal lied to me, he lied to everyone! Simon died, he was my best friend, along with erza! I don't think I could ever be forgiven for my sins. I didn't think my life would become any better!

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked and I saw the pink haired guy, apparently his name is Natsu. I like that name. Right now I looked like a sobbing mess. He tried to cheer me up, but all it did was make it worse. I saw Erza talking with millianna. I had to go say sorry to her, this is also probably hard on her too, losing Simon. I can't believe Jellal would betray us, he's been my love for a while, now my whole thinking has changed!

I've started to like Natsu, he's cute, kind, gentle, and hilarious. I walked over to Erza and gave her a sincere apology, then I walked back over to Natsu. He was staring the whole time. I hugged him and thanked him for him trying to comfort me and I also apologized to him saying-

"I'm sorry, I should've known I was being tricked. I'm also sorry for all the sins I've committed." After that, I pulled away from the hug, this time he was a blushing mess, I bet I was too. He said-

"H-hey (y-y/n), I-i wanted to know I-if you would t-think about joining the G-guild?" He rubbed the back of his neck. I said-

"I would love to! But I don't know if your master would let me, after the incident."

"You'll be fffiiinnneee!" He smiled and I smiled back.

**time skip, two years later**

Still (y/n)'s P.O.V

I happily walked into the fairy tail guild, my new home.

Two years ago, I would have never thought that this would happen. Joining the guild, meeting Natsu.

2nd person P.O.V

Right now you are sitting at the bar holding hands with your wonderful boyfriend, Natsu.

A/n: sorry this one was crappy, I had to fit a something in, with it, don't judge meh! But don't forget! Leave requests in the comments, okay? Okay!

Bye sweeties 😘

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