Chapter 1

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 I tapped on the wooden desk in the boring classroom of Class 77. Everyone sat bored, as the teacher told us about Calculus. He was reviewing for the test next week, which is supposed to be really hard. 
  The Bell rung for lunch finally and everyone started to get out of their seats. "Hajime." I called going up to him, smiling. He was putting his books away when he looked up at me. He returned a smile. "Sup Souda."
  "You think I could go to your house Today? So we can study for the Test?" I asked him. He thought for a moment. He looked back at me. 
  "It's fine if you don't mind Joining Nagito, and Chiaki was well." He told me, hoisting his bag over his shoulder.
  Chills ran down my back. 
  "Nagito is going to be there? You know how I feel about that guy." I told him, shaking my head.
  Hajime rolled his eyes as we started to walk to Lunch together. "Come On, he isn't that bad when you get to know him. Sure he has those weird habits when talking but he's a nice guy, plus he gets awesome grades on all the tests." Hajime explained to me.
  I chuckled a bit. "You sure he isn't just guessing on the Quiz and using his luck to make them all right?" I asked him.
  Hajime frowned at me, but then started to crack up as well.
  "So you coming over or what?" He asked me.
  I put my hand on my chin. "I guess so, as long as I can stay away from Him. We should invite Fuyuhiko and see if he wants to study with us." I shrugged.
  Hajime raised his eyebrow. "I thought you were scared of him." He asked.
  "I'm not scared of him!" I shouted in defense.
  Hajime laughed and we finally arrived at the Table, where Fuyuhiko, Nekomaru, Nagito, and Twogami were already there eating. 
  Nekomaru was talking about his training with Akane, while Nagito listened and threw in some things about Hope. Twogami was feasting wildly on his food. Fuyuhiko silent ate his, a little distance from the others.
  "When are you finally going to start dating her?" I interrupted as Hajime and I took a seat across from them.
  Nekomaru looked at me weirdly. "Who?" He asked.
  "Akane! Duh! No doubt you guys have chemistry." I told him.
  He laughed and slammed the table, making it rumble and shutter, knocking over some food. "Akane is my trainee!" He chuckled. Hajime and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. He's so oblivious. 
   I got out my lunch and started to Eat with the guys. I caught glances of Nagito and Hajime looking at each other and it wasn't until a little later where Hajime got up. "I have to go to the Bathroom." He told us and walked away. I looked back at him weirdly, ad then Nagito got up with a smile. "I have to go too." He said running after him.
   I was confused but I continued to eat.
  "Fuyuhiko, you free today? We are going to Study at Hajime's House." I asked, looking down at my food.
  Fuyuhiko Scoffed ad looked off. "I'm actually busy Studying with someone else." He grunted. From the corner of my eye, I could see him looking over at the girl's table.
  I slammed my hands down on the table and looked at him surprised.
  "You studying with a girl alone?!?" I asked a little too loud.
  Fuyuhiko look at me a little embarrassed. 
  "So what if I am?" He asked, trying to act cool.
  "Your so Lucky!" I told him. I rested my head on my hand and looked over at the group of girls chatting. Over there was Chiaki, Ibuki, Mikan, Akane, Peko and of course,
  Only the most prettiest girl in the entire School. She's so perfect.
  "So who is it?" Nekomaru asked curiously.
  We all looked at him. He blushed and looked to the ground.
  "That's none of your Damn Business." He told us.
 I frowned and sighed. We would never get it out of him, after all, he never really told us anything, although he may consider us his friends.
   "Anyway," Fuyuhiko said trying to change the subject. "Where the Hell did Hajime and Nagito go that would take so long?" He asked. I put my hand on my chin. They have been gone for a while.

  "I don't really care where Nagito is, but Hajime better not be late for class." I sighed. I finished my food before the Rung for Class again and we made our way to our class, Nagito and Hajime met up with us before we reached the class, and I didn't bother asking them anything.
   As soon as everyone sat down, the teacher started to speak.
  "I know it's a little late in the year, but it looks like we will be having a new student in this class from now on." He spoke, adjusting his glasses. 
  Everyone started to Chat in the class about the new student. It's weird for a new student to suddenly appear in the middle of the school year.
  I nudged Hajime with my Elbow. "You think it's a cute girl?" I asked him with a smirk. Hajime rolled his eyes, and looked to the front.
  The chatting stopped when the door suddenly opened. In walked in the last person I would expect to be our new student. 
  He was definitely a guy.
  On his face he had a weird looking lightning bolt over his right eye was a different color then his left. He had very pale skin, and his black/gray hair was styled weirdly. He seems kinda tall, but it was his clothing that surprised me.
  He wore a purple scarf over his neck, despite it being already past winter. He wore a long Black coat, a white shirt under it that seemed to have a cross upon it. A bandage wrapped around his right arm and even a golden earring on his left ear.
   Who the Hell is this guy?!

  "I am Gundam Tanaka the Dark Lord of the warps of the Underworld. I have contracted my powers inside me, so that I may join your class." He told us with a bow.

  What the Hell!?!?

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