Eighteen - Phase two (part 2)

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Mom told him to think about us and to not do things this way but dad said the love of his life was leaving and he needed to go with her. I saw him walk out of the bedroom with mom crying behind him. Annabel ran to hug her while William and I stood there completely dumbfounded.

Dad turned to look at us but then focused his attention on me and said, "I am so sorry... It's just that when one falls in love like I have, it completely changes everything and I can't let her go...I'm sorry"

I was naive and said "dad but mom is here? She isn't going anywhere"

He looked at me in the eye and said "kiddo, I'm sorry. She isn't the one for me anymore. I.. Mia.. She is an amazing woman and she just owns my heart now, I will always love you all but now that you are all old enough to understand I just can't keep living something fake, I need to go after what I really need"

I hated crying because it always made me feel weak but I felt the tears pouring out of my eyes, silently betraying me as my father walked out.

William hugged Annabel and mom as if he was trying to keep the family together with his arms somehow. I wanted the same thing but would go about it differently. I grabbed the car keys and ran out after my dad then realized he was already speeding away.

I jumped into the car and followed him but he was simply going to fast. I saw him stop at an apartment complex and step out of the car when he suddenly spotted a red car speeding away. Before I could get off and go to him he was already driving after the car again.

I tried calling his cellphone but he wasn't picking up so I kept on following him. I looked at the driver in the red car but all I caught was her wavy blonde her. I tried to drive next to my dad's car to yell at him and beg him to stop and think through everything he was giving up when all of a sudden a heard a screech and my dad's car started skidding in the road then crashed. My whole world stopped and in that second I saw the driver of the car, it was Mia. Even though it was only for a fraction of a second when I saw her face through her rearview mirror I could never forget those eyes.

I stopped my car immediately and ran over to my dad's car. I was able to somehow pull him out of the mess was holding him to my body as I saw her car speed away. She obviously didn't care for him if she left him after he crashed. I hugged my dad to me during his last moments in this world.

He said in a pained voice, "son I'm sorry, I love you all... I always have... But she was the woman of my dreams.. I had to go after her and give it all I had"

I tried to get him to stop talking as I screamed for someone to call 911. The tears were gushing out of my eyes in the most horrible minute of my life.

My dad said "son you have to find... Her... Please, tell her..."

"What's her name dad? Stay with me daddy please!" I begged like I was four years old again and wanted dad to stay with me instead of going to work. The difference was that this time he was going forever.

"Mia frank.." Was what I could make out my dad saying.

"Daddy stay with me please, we love you, we need you please dad!"

I tried and tried to keep him with me but his the light in his eyes slowly dimmed and his last words were, "I'm sorry kiddo."

"Alex?" Mia said softly.

I quickly closed the laptop, stood up and pretended to fix my tie so I could look down, "I'm ready when you are" I said in a raspy but serious tone so she knew I didn't want any questions.

She stepped closer to me but I quickly grabbed the laptop and headed towards the living room to place it in my briefcase.

I heard her walking behind me then she said, "I'm ready"

I walked outside to the car and put my things in the trunk then held the door open for her while looking away trying to regain my composure. She walked in without saying a word then I got in and I drove to the office in silence. I couldn't even tell if she was looking at me or not because I was so deep in my thoughts. It was definitely confirmed. It was her who broke my family apart. The private investigator I hired has used my father's e-mail to figure out who my father was seeing. Her name was Mia Franco not Mia Frank. When he showed me a picture of her I could confirm it had been here since I saw her in person. The PI was able to tell me that Mia and my dad had been having an affair and that she took some money that he transferred into her account. Even though I tried tracking her, her e-mail was erased, her phone was disconnected, the car she owned was sold, the apartment she lived in was abandoned and all trace of her was gone. I looked for her for two years until a few months ago when I saw her at the coffee shop again.

My mother knew that I had been attempting to find this girl just to get my revenge and she begged me to stop. She said it would do no good and that I needed to put it behind me but I couldn't. Thankfully the only person that knew her whole name and what she looked like was me. Therefore when she met Mia she didn't suspect that my plan was still underway.

I turned to look at her and she seemed a little tense. She kept fidgeting and biting her lip like she did when she was worried. It's incredible that such a monster can hide underneath her innocent face. I knew that I was in love with her and that by hurting her I was hurting myself but I had to. When my father died in my arms I promised him that I would make her pay for what she did. I grabbed the steering wheel harder then relaxed when I saw her look at my hands. I knew exactly what my next step would be. I would ask her to marry me during our trip to Cancun. I know that I could have the wedding planned and set up within two months if she agreed which I knew she would because she wants the money.

At our wedding ceremony, before everyone's eyes, I would expose her in front of everybody. Instead of saying 'I do' I would tell everyone what a horrible person she is. After that I would make August Braque tell the world that her art and talent is worthless. That she has no talent and it is all copied from artists who actually have talent. I knew it was unfair because she is a naturally amazing painter but it was the only way to get my revenge back. I needed to take everything that she loved away from her.

I felt her gently grab my hand and it took everything in me not to make her get off my car right there. It took every ounce of my restraint to not tell her that I know who she really is. Instead I gently squeezed her hand back in a loving gesture. Either I am getting really good at acting or I really am in love.

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