Chapter Twenty-Three - Intruder

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We arrived at Ireland just past three in the afternoon. The sun was out and my jet lag already had me exhausted, the warmth only made me more tired. Jacobi, on the other hand, was in a chipper mood. I had a feeling it had to do with my agreeing to come back with him. I didn't want to be cocky... but he kept looking at me with this weird grin on his face. As if he couldn't actually believe I was there with him. It was dorky and adorable.

"Alright, so you settle in, take a nap and all that." Jacobi said once we'd entered his place. "I'm going to go to the castle to check in with my father. I'll have Thomas come over and stay with you. Do you want me to wait for him to get here first?"

I shook my head, "No, I'm napping anyway. Go, I'll be fine."

He nodded, "Alright. See you later. Get some sleep." He took a hesitant step towards me before pulling me into his arms for a swift hug. "Thank you for coming back, Alaska." His voice was barely louder than a whisper. But I heard my suspicions coming true.

I smiled, "No worries. See you later."


I woke with a start.

I was suffocating.

A large hand was clamped over my mouth. I screamed but it only came out muffled. I found myself peering into a pair of icy green eyes.

My heart pounded frantically in my chest.

The man had extremely pale skin and thick, ginger hair. With his free arm, he grabbed me, pulling me into a sitting position. I struggled in his grip but he grabbed my waist and threw me over his shoulder. With my mouth uncovered I began to scream, "LET ME GO!"

He laughed humourlessly, "Hmm, how about no?"

I kicked and pounded on his back but it was futile. He was a werewolf. There was no way my aggressions weren't affecting him the slightest unless he was supernatural. "LET ME GO RIGHT NOW! JACOBI WILL KILL YOU!"

"Is that so?" He posed nonchalantly. We were moving, I couldn't see in which direction he was headed but we were moving away from the doorway so he must've been aiming for the window.

"HELP ME!" I opted for screaming bloody murder. Castle patrol often roamed this area to keep Jacobi safe. If I were lucky, they'd hear me and come check out the ruckus. "SOMEONE HELP ME!" My heart pounded and tears filled my eyes but I refused to let my voice drown.

I looked up and sucked in a breath when I noticed a giant wolf in the doorway. Instantly, I knew it wasn't Jacobi. I recognized Jacobi in wolf form. He'd saved my life once. The man holding me cursed under his breath before tossing me on the ground uncaringly. I groaned in pain, having landed flat on my back, hitting my head against the corner of the nightstand.

Momentarily winded, the only thing I could see was the plain ceiling. I heard ripping noises and a chilling growl. I scrambled to sit up all while gasping for breath. The man who'd grabbed me was gone. In his place, stood a large, grey wolf. It sneered at its counterpart, its figure rumbling in fury.

The first wolf attacked, rolling them into a wrestling match. I rubbed the back of my head. I had to get out of here. I used the nightstand as support in order to pull myself up. I was momentarily disoriented, but managed to steady myself on two feet. The wolves were fighting directly in front of me. Without thinking twice, I began to run for the door, avoiding the animals before me.

I had just reached the doorway when a jaw clamped onto my ankle. I yelped out in pain, feeling the sting of skin breaking instantly. The animal pulled, dragging me along the floor, his grip merciless. Relief flooded through me when my attacker was thrown aside by the other wolf. I turned, noticing they were back at it. Knowing I had a moment of safety, I rolled my sweatpants up unable to do anything without checking out the damage. Indents pierced my ankle, in the shape of the wolf's sharp canines. I cringed as blood covered my fingers.

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