Im sorry pt. 2

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I was at Walmart shopping when I bumped into my ex Ryan. I dated him for one year bit than he went to Calgary for a job. By the time he got back I was already dating Shawn.

"Oh I am so sor- Y/N?" "Oh hey Ryan, long time no see.". "Yea so how are you and uh what's his name Shawn was it?" "Yea, hey how about you come over and we'll catch up on things.". He stood there to think for a sec. "Sure, why not."

At home...

"So how have you been?" I asked trying to start a conversation. "Not bad, you know I'm here and there so some problems but not bad.".

All of a sudden he sat closer to me.
"Y/N, ever since I came back I've been trying to get you back." He said putting his hand on my thigh. " Look Ryan your a great person but I have Shawn and I can't just break up with him. I love him and you need to understand that." I said trying to make a point.

"But what about me, I love you and you need to understand that." He said in a slightly annoyed tone. "I'm sorry but that's what it is and if you can't appreci-" he went in and kissed me.
I tried to push him off but he had my grip.

All of a sudden the door opened and it was Shawn.

Shawns POV

I see Y/N kissing Some guy.
I storm in and pull the guy from the back of his jacket, stand him up and punch the shit out of him.

I push him out of the door and slammed it. "Shawn I can ex-" "what explain?" I said angrily. "Shawn please let me explain." She said crying and begging. I didn't answer.

I stormed into our bedroom and slammed the door to show that I was clearly mad. I could hear Y/N crying but it's not like she deserved it.

Your POV

it's been an hour and Shawn still hasn't come out of our room. I was starting to get worried. I walked up the stairs and walked up to the door. I took a deep breath and opened it.

I saw Shawn laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. "Shawn, can I explain what happened?" I said nervously. "What is there to explain?" "Everything. You miss understood it because you wouldn't let me explain." I said trying to be calm. Shawn looked up and said "ok..".

I hope this wasn't to boring. I hope you guys enjoyed it. This will be continued. I would have finished it on part two but here where I live the current time is 4:12AM and I am so tiered.  Make sure to tell me if I have anything I need to fix or work on, it would really help. Thanks😘

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