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Title of Novel: The Forgotten Deity | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Written by: Arisa Kim (neverlanded)

Book One of the Akira Fujioka series.

Akira is just your "average" teenager training to become a professional Japanese dancer. With all the pressure to become number one in Japan, a sudden attack from monsters make that the least of her problems. When two mythological creatures appear on their doorstep, Akira, with the help of a fellow demigod, will leave her homeland and find a sanctuary for half-bloods.

After learning about her godly parent, Akira is forced to travel on a quest for her parent to receive the recognition they so rightly deserve. With only three days to spare, Akira has to find away to decipher a broken prophecy, save someone important to her, and restore honor to her parent's name. She must figure out whether giving her parent the prestige they dearly want is more important over her needs to become the best dancer in all of Japan.

But how can one give their godly parent justice when they haven't finished their journey of self-discovery?

Based on the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series.

[An AU in which ToA doesn't exist]

Arisa does not own either the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the Heroes of Olympus series, or the Trials of Apollo series. She also does not own any of the characters that Rick Riordan created. Miguel and Rory who solely belong to Chilea, Kaiya which is winterfrosties' child, or Milo, Ame_Tasogare's baby. The plot and future OCs which aren't named here are made by Arisa.

I have written this fanfiction in the sole hope that it won't become an epic mess like the Astra Windlass trilogy. I want to refrain myself from overused cliches and plot holes, and the only way I believe I can do this is through a new series where I can learn from my mistakes. I do not plan on rewriting AWT because it was a learning experience and also demonstrates that people do improve overtime. Astra helped me develop as a writer and I would not have found the faults in my writing if I never wrote her story.

Thank you to secretlyhalfblood for the beautiful media banner.


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