First Day of School

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Well, today's the day I'm actually the only black kid in school, I thought. I had gone to private school and my aunts always made the joke that I was the only black kid but I wasn't. I mean, I was sophomore and I had started going to private schools for only a year. But, there were always at least two other black kids in y school. Today, I was going to be the only black one. I sighed. Why did she take this job?

My mom looked at me in the rear view window. "Look I know you don't like it, but we're here. Deal with it." She lighten her tone, "plus, we're get to travel to another country like you always wanted. " I just looked out the window. "How about some music?" She turned on the radio and a song I didn't know started playing. I learned Korean so i could understand it, but even still there were English parts. Then, I heard the chorus and my ears were blessed. "Wow, this is nice, what is this?" She just shrugged. Koreans had some good music. I'm still a die hard Avril Lavigne fan. Which is why I was such an outcast at my old school.

We arrived at the school and swear it looked a school that could be in an anime. The students could go on the roof, and it was close to another school, a Performing Arts School. I got out the car and waved to her. I felt the world stop at those exact moments. As my mom was driving off, everyone was staring at me. I don't like attention, even though I was a dancer. I sighed. I knew this was gonna happen. "Damn it" I cursed under my breath in English.

I went to the dean's office and he gave me a list of all my classes and assigned a girl to escort me. She was helpful. And very nice and bright "Hi, my name's Jimin." I nodded. "Oh your quiet...but your pretty and I can tell your a cool person.No, you lit." I laughed. She was like a nerd trying to be cool, which made her cute and funny. "You're American aren't you?" she asked. "Yeah, pretty obvious isn't it." "Well, I mean you could be pure African or a dark skinned Hispanic." I looked at her surprised. "Are you American?" "Nah, I'm from here, but I went to an International school and I've dealt with enough Americans, so I know all he trends." She added and then crossed her arms. "Are you trying to be a gangsta?" "Yeah." she pouted her lip. I laughed again and so did she. We stopped outside of a classroom and she told the teacher who I was. "Oh, we'll give you a formal introduction to the class when the bell rings." "Okay, see ya later, Taylor." I was kinda sad to see her go so soon, even if we had only spent two minutes together. I waved." Bye Jimin." "Please, call me Jamie, Miss America." she said with a giggle. I laughed.

Soon, students started to come in and some said hi others just stared. Either way, everyone was confused about the little black girl in the room.

As soon as the bell rang the teacher looked at me with a smile. The fake smile all teachers give the new kid saying "You'll be fine." I wanted to yell at him "Sir, I am black, don't nobody here looks like me, and they probably think I'm strange." But, I just gave him a sarcastic smile and got up from my faithful seat in the front and stood next to him. "This is Sky Taylor *cause ya know, Asians put last names first* and she's here from America." I waved and gave the introduction that an anime character would. "Hello, I'm Taylor, I hope we can be friends." Cause I actually was, even an antisocial girl needs a squad. And so math class started. I took neat notes and was questioned a lot. But throughout it all, I was stared at. Once class was over I went to my second and third period weren't eventful I pretty much took notes, and got stares. But fourth period, there was one girl who kept staring at me and making smart comments. She called me a pig, weird, and so many other things. "Sarah stop it." Her friend told her. She either had an American nickname, like Jimin. Or she was American. But, either way, she was rude and it took every bone in my body not to turn around and curse her out in every language I knew.

After the class was over, I quickly left for my next class. More like, next period, because lunch isn't a class. But it was the one thing I dreaded. I had a pack lunch, that I personally made. I looked around at all the tables, either everyone was busy having fun with their friends or they were staring at me, again. Then, I heard someone calling me. "Taylor, Taylor!" I looked in the direction of the voice, and saw Jimin, calling me to her. I walked over to her and smiled. She was with couple other people. "This is Yerin, my best friend, Kevin, our Swangel, and Jae, the most annoying person you will ever meet." Jae gave her a dirty look. "I'm wonderful, excuse you." I laughed. Jae was really funny and kinda hot. They all were a bunch of cool nerds, my kinda people. Yerin, she was more quiet than the other three. But, she was still funny. "Hey, can you guys tell me who sings this song I heard this morning?" I suddenly asked. "How did it go?" "Something about a monster or you can call me monster...something along those lines." Jimin looked at me for three seconds. "You mean EXO's song Monster." "I think" "It's pretty good, but DAY6 is better." Jea said. "Day who?" I asked. He facepalmed and Jamie laughed. "I'm sorry I'm new to Korea and it's music." "Oh, that makes sense." Kevin said and Jae looked at me hopefully. "Listen to DAY6 and U-KISS" he told me. "Gotcha" "Would about 15&" Yerin and Jamie asked. "Them too." I laughed. "Hey, do you guys know who Sarah is?" "Sarah, as in, Sarah Hernandez, the popular girl that Jamie told off." I looked at Jamie. She just smiled, proudly. "I guess." "Oh yeah she sits over there," Yerin pointed, "And she's popular cause she's from America and has a natural tan cause she's an Hispanic Asian and everyone loves a girl with a nice tan, but not too dark, just right." She sounded annoyed. "Wow, what the hell." I looked at her with my pleading helpless eyes. Was I too dark, that's why everyone was staring at me? "I''m sorry. But you're pretty to us" She told me. FUCK.MY.LIFE. Then Jae said, "Yeah, you're pretty to us, so it does matter." I know my eyes lit up. I smiled. He looked over his glasses at me and my cheeks heated up. Bless the melanin in my skin, cause I know he couldn't tell.

I looked back over at Sarah and realized she was really pretty, and she looked familiar. Long, curly hair, and slight tan, bright pink lips, and deep brown eyes, that many Asian people seemed to have that I found beautiful. She could've been a crush for everyone, if she wasn't so...bitchy.

The rest of the day went by with a repeat of my first class period. Being the fact that I had 5 periods a day. Introduction, stares, notes and Q and As. At the end of the day, I got Jamie, and the "Nerd Squad"'s numbers. And then I went home. As I was walking home, I was on my phone, looking on iTunes, looking for Monster, when I accidentally walked into a really talk person's back. I apologized and looked up. Their uniforms weren't like ours. Instead of a yellow cardigan, this person had a blue one. I didn't want to assume it was a boy, cause they had board shoulders, because I did too, but then again, they had short red hair. He then turned around and smiled at me. "No problem."


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Oh. My. Lawd. He looked like an angel sent from heaven, to grace the world with his beauty. He had little moles and he was just the hottest thing ever. I opened my mouth, and no words came out so I just stood there. He laughed. And I came back from my dream. "Oh, I am soo sorry, I wasn't paying attention." "It's okay." "Okay.." I stared alittle more. "Well, see ya later." "yeah, see you..later...bye." I quickly walked away from him. That was embarrassing. I hope he doesn't think I'm too weird.

When, I got home, I quickly changed into my dance stuff. But before leaving, I stood to the side, in front of a mirror. At home, I was considered to be very skin from the waist up. I had abs, they weren't very defined, but you could see them. I had wide hips, my hips were wide, but not that wide, and my butt, well, it wasn't very big, but you could consider it big to some people. I had curves. Not an hour glass figure because my breast weren't too big, but I had curves. I wasn't a pig, I was fine. But, I had to make sure. I smiled at myself in the mirror. "I'm pretty damn sexy if you ask me." I said. Then I grabbed to frozen water bottles out of the freezer and went off to dance practice. Where I had my eyes blessed again, but my ears cursed.


Guys my first GOT7 fanfic~ About my bias wrecker Yugyoem. Yes, i did stay up till 3 am writing this and I am proud. So, yeeeeeeeee!!!! Love me love GOT7 and screw all the drama in the past 3 weeks, I still wanna marry BamBam and befriend the rest of them. Especially Jackson. ^^

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night!!

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