Chapter 3-A New Job

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"Kendal?" A soft voice says from outside my bedroom. The wind strangely stops and I immediately run out of my bed and shut the window, locking it.

"You can come in Luke." I answer.

"What are you doing up?" He asks me with suspicion.

"I should ask you the same thing." I reply in a dry voice.

"Videogames. Jasper challenged me to beat his last checkpoint and he fell asleep before I won." He scoffs with a grin. When I was their age, I actually tried to sleep at night. School sucked all the energy right out of me.

"And I had a nightmare. Goodnight." I say quickly. However, before I can shut my door all the way, he steps around me and into my room.

"Luke get out of my room." I yawn feeling annoyed. I glance over at my alarm clock, it's two in the morning.

"We're going to Grandmom's today. Dad said Grandpa's going to lend him the tractor and let us borrow a lot of bushels of crops." He mumbles.

"That's great. It won't get me off my double shift though." I sigh.

"I know who you were with last night. I saw his truck stopped outside our field, next to your car. Don't worry, I won't tell Mom or Dad." He teases while making gross kissing noises. I've never even kissed Colin! It's not worth my time to argue with him, not this early in the morning.

"Luke go back to bed right now." I clench through my teeth, pointing toward my door. He finally decides to listen and snickers on his way out.


Morning comes too quick, I feel like I got no sleep. Dad made me call in work to let them know I wouldn't be there until after my trip to my Grandmom's. After we get back from her house, I have to head straight to work.

"Kendal? You ready? We'll be out in the car!" My mom hollers to me from downstairs. I put on a black long sleeve shirt and try to neaten up my braid. Then I decide to throw on my overall dress that my Grandmom gave me last Christmas which I've never worn yet. It'll make her happy, at least I hope.

The ride to my Grandmom's takes a little over an hour.

When we pull up their drive way, my brothers encourage my father to chase the chickens out of our way-with the car.

"Hey kids. Hold on I'll be over." My Grandpa says in a scratchy voice. He sits on a stool under their old wooden shed, wiping down the tractor with a greasy looking rag.

The smell of hamburgers floats around their house and we find Grandmom dumping a bowl of sliced apples into a pie crust in the kitchen.

"Nice seeing the two of you." Grandmom says in a clipped voice, toward my parents.

"How have you been Mom? How's your arm?" My Dad asks with sympathy. Grandmom tripped on a curb when Grandpa took her shopping a couple weeks ago. Her arm landed underneath her in an awkward angle.

"It's healing. Kids make yourselves useful and help Grandpa load the tractor onto your trailer. It appears your father is too busy chatting it up with me." She retorts. My father flinches, but my Mom speaks up telling us to listen to Grandmom.

"You know-" I begin to hear my mother snap back at her mother in law as we leave the room.

Soon enough, my brothers and I finish helping Grandpa after we close up the shed.

"You boys go on ahead. Fishing poles are out by the tree stand, hurry up lunch'll be soon." Grandpa tells my brothers. They both scurry back behind the house like mice, my grandparents have a pretty big pond and my brothers always fish in it.

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