Baby Sauce

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(Baby Sauce is the Multimedia) 
It was easy to see that you were nervous. Here you stood getting, ready to meet someone who was very important to your boyfriend. You knew that it might, have seemed silly to other people in a relationship. But to you and, Kyrie this was a defining moment if his baby didn't like you he would, have a problem on his hands and Kyrie wanted nothing more than his 2 favorite girls to like and love each other.

Pulling into Kyrie's driveway you quickly got out fixing your outfit. Letting out a quick breath you soon  made your way up to the door, knocking on it a couple of times. This was more nerve wreaking, than meeting, his father.

"Hi, Kyrie how are you?"

"I'm you feeling? " Kyrie asked, giving the young woman a once over

"Excited and scared at the same time. I don't ever remember, being this nervous about meeting someone. Are you sure she's going to like me?" 

"I'm positive that she's going to like you. She's not a child that acts out towards someone new. So you're fine really." 

"I'm still nervous though. This is your baby girl. Her opinion matters more than you know." 

"If it helps she's been, waiting for you to come over since I mentioned it earlier this week. I showed her a picture of you and, all she's been saying is she's meeting daddy's new friend and, her new best friend. So just be you and you'll be fine baby. I promise." 

"She actually wants, to meet me? Is this ok with her mother. I don't want to be overstepping my boundaries with her."

It had taken Kyrie a second to answer due to the fact that the child's mother was not present in her life. But you didn't know that so he couldn't fault you. The story was one Kyrie hated telling, simply because of the questions his daughter asked him. It was never easy trying to explain to a four year old that her mother wasn't around for a particular reason. It wasn't easy to tell a four year old her mother didn't want her. So Kyrie promised she'd never find out about it.

"Well, I wouldn't know how her mother felt since she left me to raise her alone. Almost five years, of being a single parent. So I'm telling you that you aren't overstepping  your boundaries. If you were I would tell you."

"So you mean to tell me that you've been a single parent for four years. How'd you manage all of this? Like how'd you find a balance." 

"I had to learn by myself. It was hard, but I did it. I promised myself that my daughter was going to have the best life possible. I remember it like it was yesterday. She went into labor March 22, 2012 and my baby girl arrived, March 23, 2012 at 5:02 am. That day I turned 20, became a parent and single father. All at once."

"You are a super hero babe. Single father, managed a NBA career, etc. All at the age of 20. I applaud you, for not giving up under the pressure. It takes a real man to be a, father. You babe are, the true definition of a father." 

"Thanks. But let's, go inside I've left her alone for too long already and we all know how curious four year olds are."

Kyrie had been real, excited about this next step in y'all's relationship. You had reminded him times, on end that you were just as excited as he was about you meeting his daughter. He just wanted to see how his baby would react to another woman that wasn't a family member.

" Have you made this apartment toddler proof? I know she's four and all. But she can seriously hurt herself on some of the stuff in here. " The woman asked, as she looked at the many hazards around the house.

" What?"

"This house hasn't been toddler proofed. You have objects that are made of glass too close to the ground, you need those child lock things that go on cabinets to stop her from going under the sink. You have a couple of things to make four year old proof "

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