Chapter 2

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"Casey I don't appreciate your staring." I say sternly as I can feel her eyes on me from her desk a few feet away. She blushes and quickly looks away tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear before looking back at me with her big brown eyes.

"I'm sorry Mr.Tomlinson I was just wondering if you would like to come with me and some of the workers for drinks after work?" she walks towards my office as she talks.

"I don't know Casey I have a lot work to do ." and she should be helping not getting drinks I wanna add.

"C'mon Mr.Tomlinson loosen up I'll make sure the work is done by the time work is over." she says determined and leans against the door frame of my office.

"I mean that's your job but alright I guess I need some drinks as long as I can also bring some friends along." she jumps up and down squealing.

"Of course you can I'll get right to work now." she says before she practically ran out of the room leaving me chuckling to myself.
As I'm about to finish up with work I get a phone call from a certain curly haired boy who I totally forgot I called and he had taken my suit to dry cleaning , although it's been about 6 hours since our whole encounter.

"Hey Louis." his soft but rough voice rang through the phone.

"Hey Harry what's up?"

"I picked up your suit from dry cleaners and I can't believe you paid! I was suppose to pay for it , it was my fault!" he sounded truly mad which amused me.

"You're actually mad that I paid." I chuckled putting my stuff away and getting ready to leave the building.

"Of course I'm mad Louis it was all my fault I dropped the coffee all over you now I have to make it up to you in another way." he says and of course my dirty thoughts take over my mind and I wonder if he knows how that sounded or if he's just too innocent.

"Fine if you wanna make it up to me buy me a drink tonight because your coming with me and some co workers for drinks." I say and I could hear him cough really loudly as if he were choking.

"Are you alright?" I ask after I don't hear anymore coughing.

"Yeah peachy just choked a little on my tea but did you just invite me to go clubbing?" he laughs

"If that's what you wanna call it."

"Yeah I'll go but is it alright if I bring someone else along?"

"Of course you can."

"Great so give me your address so I can go drop your suit off yeah?"

After I give him my address and we decide well meet up at my house and go to the club from there.

I call Liam and Niall up telling them to meet me at the club.

From there I go to get ready putting on a nice navy blue dress up shirt and some black skinny jeans with some black vans.
"This is Zayn." Harry says as a beautiful man with black hair in a quiff and a jaw line that could cut me walks inside my house reaching his hand out giving me a small smile that I return.

"Nice to meet you Im' Louis." I say as I take his hand and shaking it lightly before letting go.

"Here's the suit Harry." another tall man slightly taller than Harry and hair styled back walks in and hands Harry the plastic bag which contains my suit.

"Thanks here you go Louis." Harry says handing me the suit and I can finally take a good look at him he's wearing a red button up shirt that has white polka dots all over, and black skinny jeans that wrap tightly around those long legs and thick thighs of his and brown boots and his curly hair looks so much more curlier than last time I saw him. Those pink lips which he keeps licking repeatedly are all wet and plumb and I could just k-

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