Chapter 2-The Pig

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Colin sometimes drives with me on the way to work, his house is closer to Wally's than mine so more often than not, I'm usually the one who picks him up.

I follow the dim red glow of his taillights as we wind around the road leading to my family's cornfield.

Getting a wiff of burnt cornstalks I scrunch my nose. We have arrived at the "scene". Colin must have been pretty bored to want to drive out of his way just to walk around our cornfield. All we are going to find out here at this hour is raccoons and with my luck, the occasional skunk.

I pull over on the side of the road, hopping out of my car to meet Colin. He flawlessly jumps the fence and I awkwardly climb over it meeting him on the other side.

"Well here we are. Let's investigate shall we?" Colin says while turning on his phone's flashlight. I turn my phone on too scoping the ground for any objects.

"Seems odd, the burnt up area isn't really mishaped much. It almost looks circular, but not quite..." I hear Colin mumble under his breath.

"I'm going to walk down here a ways." I say loudly as I walk off in the opposite direction of Colin. We probably won't even find out what started the fire out here anyway, least this gives Colin and me something to look back on. Tomorrow we'll probably laugh about this.

My thoughts clear up and I focus less on the ground and more on the area around me. I reach the area I heard the noise right before the fire started, the scare crow. I shine my light around the cornstalks surrounding the scarecrow. Seeing nothing, I turn around and begin my walk back.

Methodically, I continue pushing cornstalks out of my way. To my disdain, the wind picks up seemingly out of nowhere.

A powerful gust of wind crashes into me sending my floral skirt flying up in the back, I yelp in surprise. I feel the freezing gust of air hit my rear end, exposing my embaressingly childish pocodot and kitten underwear.

Grateful that Colin did not come with me, I quickly flatten my dress down hoping the freezing wind will leave. I knew I should have brought my coat.

"I think we have been out here long enough, any longer and your parents might get worried! Hurry up Kendal!" I hear Colin yell above the wind.

"On my way!" I holler, however the crackling sound of a cornstalk being crunched by something to the left of me makes my footing falter. My foot slams into a loose stone and my arms wobble, feeling off balance I stumble to the ground.

Then I see something move through the field, just catching a glimpse of it. A dark tall bulky figure passes through a row of corn stalks to the side of me. Terrified, I scoot back. I try to shine my flashlight where I saw it pass, but my eyes find nothing. Maybe it was a bear, my mind tries to process. Even if it was a bear I don't think it would have moved like that. It moved too swiftly.

However, I convince myself it was only a bear anyway, I stand back up and quickly make it back to Colin.

"Nothing much to see here." Colin says while scanning the ground. Then his eyes meet mine. He walks up to me quickly placing a hand on my shoulder as if to steady me.

"You look like you've seen a ghost, please tell me you have." He says jokingly. However, I catch a hint of concern in his tone.

"Nothing to see out there." I say hiding the panic in my voice.

"Well looks like this was a bust." Colin sighs.

"Did you forget that this was your idea?" I counter. Colin follows me as I shut my car door, he walks up to my window.

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