Chapter 7: Jungle Pool SOS!

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"Kosei!" Honey called running through the music rooms. Mori followed behind him, watching as a few of the girls blushed watching Honey run around them with childlike ease. "Are you looking for Kosei  Honey?" one girl asked, her brown hair braided back, holding a flute in her lap. "Yes! Do you know where he is pretty lady?" The girl blushed from his complement as she nodded. "H-he is in the back room. There is a piano competition coming up so he has been trapped in there all week practicing." She said with a smile. "We all tend to do that around competition time, but he seems to be the worse of us all when it comes to non-stop practice." She added. Honey nodded. "We know, he hasn't been with us in the host club except to play the piano, he usually hangs out with us. Tamaki sent us to get him!" Mori walked over and picked Honey up, (girls swilling in the background) placing him on his own shoulders. Honey was a social butterfly, and Mori loved him for it. But they were on a time restraint and had no time for chatting. "Let's go get him." He said, carrying his cousin over to the back room. "Come to think of it Kosei hasn't come out of the room all day. I hope he at least ate something for lunch." One of the other girls said as Mori opened the door. He smiled and Honey giggled as they set their eyes on Kosei, sleeping over some sheet music, bent over the piano. His head bobbing up and down as he unconsciously struggled to stay sitting up. "I guess Tama-chan was right. He has been over working himself." Honey whispered as Mori put him on the ground and walked over to Kosei. He shook the boys shoulder gently. Kosei blinked, sitting up straight and looking around. "Wha-I must have fallen asleep again." The boy said fixing his glasses. "What are you guys doing here?" He asked, voice a bit scratchy from just waking up. "The Host club is going on a mini vacation! So come on!" Honey said pulling the boy away from the piano.
"Wha-what? Guys I can't go with you. I have a big competition! I need to practice." He said, trying to pull out of the boys surprisingly strong grip. "Tama-chan said that you had to come. He knows you have been in this room all week and the whole club wants you with us." Honey said. "I know, but this compt-" Kosei felt something lifting him and he cried out as he was thrown over Mori's shoulder. "Wha?!-That's not fair! Guys I can't leave now!" Kosei shouted as he was pulled from the music room. "Wow, it seems Kosei is really fitting in well with the Host Club." The girl who had helped the two out from before said with a grin. "I would have never taken Kosei as the hosting type of guy." Another girl said. "Apparently he isn't a host yet! He refuses to be one." Another girl chimed in. "Really?! I could have sworn he was a host!" another exclaimed. Honey smirked, hearing the conversation as he followed his cousin and friend down the hallway.

-Tropical Aqua Garden-

"Try to take advantage of this down time while we have it." Tamaki said sitting back in a beach chair with a cold drink. "Personally, I think this is pointless and a waste of time." Haruhi said looking around the oddly nice....beach?Resort? She didn't even know what to call it. "Can't I jsut go home, I really need to be studying and I have a ton of laundry to do." She said turning to Tamaki. "You sound just like Kosei, worried around your school requirements and not living life to the fullest." He said. Haruhi blinked and looked around. "Wait, where is Kosei...come to think of it Mori and Honey aren't here either." She said. "LET ME GO!" Both people jumped as Kosei shouted, still being held over Mori's shoulder. Honey skipping along beside of him. "We get him sir!" He said as Mori finally let Kosei down on the ground. He adjusted his swimming trunks (which he would rather not talk about how Mori got them on him) and looked around. "Where are we anyway?" He asked, fixing his glasses. "This place is a brand new theme park that my family organization runs. It's called the Tropical Aqua Garden." Kyoya said walking over with two drinks in his hand. Putting one in Kosei's hand. "I though your family ran hospitals." Haruhi said looking over at him. "My family likes to be a bit diverse, and this place can be considered a relaxing place of healing." Kosei sighed. As great as all of this was, and it was so great it was almost unbelievable. He couldn't just take a whole afternoon off. "Which is exactly why I asked if we could use it! It is important that each and every member of the host club be in tip top shape. Including you." Tamaki said putting a strong hand on Kosei's shoulder. "The park doesn't officially open till next month. But I was willing to give a helping hand and pull a few strings." Kyoya said looking over everyone. "Guys, this is cool and all but I can't lose a whole afternoon of practice. Is there anyway I can be taken back to the school? and get my uniform back?!" Kosei asked. "hmmmmm,nope!" Tamaki said pushing the poor boy over to the pool. "Now go have fun, by order of the king!" Kosei shouted as he was pushed into the pool, making a big splash. He broke the surface of the water and frowned at Tamaki. "Aww, don't look so down. This is supposed to be fun!" The twins said swimming up to either side of me. They wrapped their arms around my waist and I sighed, more than used to being in the middle of their cuddle sessions by now. "I can have fun after my competition next week." Kosei said feeling one of the twins move around behind him. He turned to look and see what he was up to, only to get squirted in the face with a water gun. "Hey!" The twins laughed and swam away, Kosei going after them. Haruhi watched from the side. If both her and Kosei were stuck her she might as well have some fun. And she was glad that the twins were able to distract Kosei from his piano playing, if not only for a short time.

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