A confession by me

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Watching eyes open

Smile in place

Talking so much

But saying nothing

I will laugh

And I will giggle

But you won't ever know why

I have an insane twinkle

in my eyes

I am mentally wondering

If you only see my outside shell

That person I seem to be

A smirk when I'm all alone



I'm a friend you trust

But never with your secrets

Cuz I seem too loud

But ask that girl I knew

Two years ago

She cried and

I fixed all her problems

And mine stayed hidden

behind a locked door

I close my eyes

And catch ashes

Because that's one of

the last things I know to do

So I ran away once

To escape from my life

And found out there is

no place to hide

So without sorrow and

Without a trace of regret

I tell you I'm the craziest bitch

you Will EVER know

And if you already hate me,

Shut the hell up and leave me alone!!


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