chapter 3

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Thomas POV

I woke early in the morning with Newt and we went running. We stop at at tree stump to look around.

"When we go to school, what do we do when people asks what happened to us and where we came from?" Newt asks out of the blue.
"We just say that we don't want to talk about or just ignore them." I replied.
We heard a noise coming from the woods behind us. We turned around to see a blond strawberry hair girl and a brown haired guy behind her..
"What are you guys doing here?" She asks.
"We were just talking about... Wait, who are you?" Newt said.
"Stiles, you don't remember me?"
"What's a Stiles?" I asked.
"Nevermind." She said and walked to us." So, what were you talking about?"
"Mostly school." I said. "We should get back before school starts." Me and Newt ran home and took a shower than got into the car of the Sheriffs and drove off.

Scott POV

I got to my locker to see Lydia there with Liam."Hey guys, what's going on?"
"Well, we saw Stiles at the nemitton with a guy there. And he didn't know who I am so, do you have anything to do with it." Lydia says as she gave me a death glare.
"No.Not at all." I lied. She stares at me for like 2 minutes than left.
That was close. Mr.Stilinski told me to keep a secret of what happened to Stiles and his friends because it could bring danger to them. I saw Stiles, Newt and Minho in the office sitting looking curious at everything. I wonder if when WCKED took their memories, they took everything and replaced them with nonsense. I walked in asked if they were ok and ya. Which I know that there lying so I kept it quite cause I didn't want to cause anything between us. I said ok and went to class.

Thomas POV

  The classes was just boring because me, Newt and Minho knew everything because of WCKED. We talked until the classes were over. We walked to lunch which is very different to what we have seen. I saw Scott at a table started to walk to him.
"What do we now." He looked up and smiled. "Wait until the bell ring then go to your next class. You all have a free period after lunch everyday."
"What's a bell?"Minho asked. Scott looked at us as if we were crazy. Once he knew that we weren't joking, he answered. "It's a roundish shape that's made of metal and has a ball inside with a rope. Please tell me you know a what a ball is." He said.
"Of course you shank we know what a ball is." Newt said with his eyebrows down. Scott nodded told us that we can go with him to a guy named Derek house. We said ok and followed him.

Its weird not knowing anything around you. Thought Newt as he looked around the car.
I know right. It's just so crazy that everything we see, is a blurr. Minho said.
Just remember that we are not stupid. I said and they laughed at the moment.
We were at the place and Scott knocked on the door and waited. A man about in the 30s maybe 32 came to the door.
"Stiles?" He said.

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