Young Hanzo x Reader x Young Genji; Impress

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Is Hanzo really that hot? A lot of people seem to love him

"Genji." You look at him sternly.

"Hai, Y/N?" ("Hai" means yes in Japanese)

"You look like a carrot."

"...What?" He turns red in embarrassment. At that moment, Hanzo came in and laughed. Genji turned to him and started throwing fake punches.

"Hahaha, gomen! Gomen! You're just too funny, Y/N!" Hanzo smiled.

"No! Y/N likes me more than you!" Genji put his arm over your shoulder.

"Is that a challenge?"

"Maybe it is!" Genji did a trick with his sword.

Hanzo got his bow and made a trick with it as well.

You just stood there, not impressed yet.

"Hmph. Very well then." Hanzo said. "Y/N, what would you request us to do?" He bowed.

"Um...cook? Like a hibachi chef maybe!" You say, stomach growling. It was the only thing you could think of at the moment.

The two of them grabbed your wrists and dragged you to the kitchen. Both of them got ingredients and went to doing work right away.

The steam from the metal grill wafted to you as the smell was very mouth watering. You watched them juggle knives and flip food. You clap for them, happy to have them do this for you.

"Wow! You guys are amazing!" You cheered and couldn't wait until you could eat the food.

"Okay, Y/N! Which of the meals we made is the best! Mine of course!" Genji said with pride but Hanzo rolled his eyes.

"Hmm..." You look to Hanzo's plate. It has chopped and cooked vegetables along with a side of noodles. Shrimp covered a pile of rice with lemon cuttings around it. Then, Genji has multiple thin slices of peppered meat with vegetables and sesame rice. You notice he made a little sword out of green peppers topped on the rice which makes you giggle.

"I don't know, guys. They all look great!" You say, just urging to grab the food already. Both of the groan in annoyance and threw their food at each other. Disappointed, you go get a snack for yourself.

When you come back with a bag of chips, it was only Hanzo.

"Where's Genji?" You say while grabbing another chip.

"I think my dad called for him to do some work. But now that it's just you and me..." He got closer to you. You blush when he grabbed your arms. Hanzo leaned in and nuzzled into your chest. This made you heat up but even more when the Shimada brother kissed you.

It happened so suddenly. But you enjoyed it so you kissed back a little bit. When both of you release, Hanzo looks away.

"I-I shouldn't have done that. I'm very sorry, Miss Y/N." He bows apologetically.

"No, no, it's fine! I...liked it..." You smile assuringly. That's when Genji came in. Both of you quickly turn around like nothing happened.

"Oh, I know what was going on." He glared as he got closer up to you two.

"Now that Hanzo had a turn, it's my turn to hangout with Y/N!" Genji grabbed your arm and pulled you towards him.

"No! She's mine. Right, Y/N? Let go, brother!" They fought for you which made you growl.

"Stop it! I'm not something you can just claim for yourselves! If you two are going to fight for me, then I might as well leave!" You rip your arms out of their grasps and head to your room.


This was just the day before Hanzo killed his own brother, Genji. You left him and the Shimada Clan, both furious and depressed. You thought you would never see them again until you joined Overwatch.

After a few days from Winston's recall, you noticed someone that was in a metal suit of some sort. You decide to greet him, he looked pretty friendly.

"Hi! My name is Y/N!" You smile and held out your hand for him. He gasps and looks at you for a couple moments.

"Um...what's your name?" You ask feeling awkward.

"Y/N..." He walks up to you, just inches from your face. This made you blush, wondering what he was doing.

"It's Genji." He stated. There was no possible way this could be the same one from the Shimada Clan because you knew he died. Then, someone with his hair tied up went over to you and Genji.

"Genji, who are you talking to-"

"H-H-Ha-H-Hanzo?!" You looked back and forth.

"What? Y/N?" His eyes widened. You hugged them both and cried.

"Whatever happened to you two?" Tears dropped down your face. Genji stroked your hair.

"Don't worry, Y/N. We're both here now." He said in his slightly robotic voice. You click Genji's visor off and see that his chocolate eyes were staring right back. You sigh with relief and hug them once again.

"Ahem. So, Genji. I'm well known that Y/N chose me." Hanzo turned to the green cyborg.

"Uh, no, you must be mistaken because-" Before Genji finished, you slapped both of them.

"Not this again! I love you both okay?" You cross your arms as your cheeks tint with pink.

Both of them blush as well and chuckle to their immaturity.

I really do love them both.

aww :3 Thanks for reading! I hope you have enjoyed my stories so far!

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