Chapter Fourteen

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[Chapter Fourteen]

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[Chapter Fourteen]

Ringo believed the sorting had been some kind of joke and waited an extra minute for the Sorting Hat to retract his statement and tell him the real name of his house. And yet, no matter how much time passed, the Sorting Hat remained silent. It wasn't until the hat was removed by Professor McGonagall did it finally settle in his mind that he was actually sorted into Hufflepuff. He sat there, in pure disbelief, trying to remember what Vivian had told him over the summer when it came to the four Houses of Hogwarts. He had little knowledge of the four from what he had overheard from his parental units as a boy, but Vivian explained the House traits, the animal symbols and the story of the Four Founders. From what he had heard about Hufflepuff, he couldn't even begin to understand how he had been sorted into the House of Badgers.

He thought that he was destined for Slytherin, or perhaps Ravenclaw or Gryffindor like the Houses of his parents. He didn't hold any grudges against any of the Houses, not even the ones that his parents had been sorted into, but he just didn't understand why Hufflepuff had been chosen for him. Even the Sorting Hat had made the statement that he carried the opposite traits that the House was known for, so what was the point? Hufflepuff was known for its traits of loyalty, kindness, dedication, fair play, and value hard work. 

Did the Sorting Hat see any of that in Ringo or did it want to see that happen for Ringo? Either way, Ringo didn't agree with his placement and he was certain that many others were going to agree.  He was certainly waiting for his share of judgement that was going to come his way once he was faced with the entire student population. They would only hear one side of the story, the one that was whispered through ears and told over and over with details changed depending on who told it. The only one who knew the truth was Ringo, he welcomed the foolish judgement that would be passed on him, he held no fear. His peers would see him as nothing more than a savage animal that was allowed to run loose.

He knew that people would refuse to speak with him and altogether, they would go out of their way to avoid them. The problem was, in Ringo's mind, he didn't see it as a problem. He was perfectly fine with the idea of being left alone to his own demise.

Or so he thought.

As promised, Ringo was brought a plate of food, along with a goblet full of drink that would refill itself if the boy wanted more. Professor Sprout presented him with the plate, placing it down in front of the boy and waiting for him to tuck in. However, Ringo didn't move at all as he stared down at the food, in fact, he hardly blinked as he seemed entirely focused on the meal. A scowl formed and Ringo suddenly began to feel nauseous as all the foods on the plate were touching each other. 

The mashed potatoes alone caused a lurching feeling in his stomach as he wanted to do nothing else but throw the plate away from him. Corn was piled on the sides, chicken juices dripping all over the place, finally, he had to look away for a few moments, while holding his breath. It was too much, the plate itself was all too much for him. He was suddenly feeling overwhelmed and for that, he felt angry. Angry because he knew in his mind that it wasn't a big deal, other people didn't seem to have a problem with it, but he did and he didn't know why. 

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