Shower Goals

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I wake up to see a snoring Shawn next to me in bed. He's so cute when he sleeps. I gently and quietly get out of bed so I don't wake him up.

I open the closet and grab my towel and hit the bathroom. I strip down and turn the nob to release the hot water.

I step in and right before I grab my shampoo I hear a knock. "Y/N are you in the shower?" He said slowly opening the door to peck. "Yeah babe, do you need anything?" "can I shower with you?" He asked hesitantly. "Yeah sure."

Honestly this is the First time we've showered together out of the 6 years we've been together. I watch him strip down to completely naked. He steps in the shower and says "damn Y/N you look hot as hell.". All I could do was blush.

Shawn moves in closer and cups my cheek and crashes his lips on to mine. And of course I kissed back (uh duh, that's the right thing to do).
This was such a passionate kiss. I broke the kiss and said "As much as I love kissing you, I need to finish washing myself up or else we won't have the time to go grocery shopping to have food in the fridge. Unless you want leftovers?" I said messing with him. And we continued to help each other shower.
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