The Ex.

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"Honey, don't you get it? We're literally over."

"I don't care, baby. I love you. I want you back."

Oh no! This is not happening. She can't be back. I can't deal with this! God, what a creep show!

"B-but, we can't be together. We just can't, Vicky!" I lift a cold hand and run it through my hair, taking a deep calming breath.

Calm down, Allen. She can't do anything about it. She'll go away eventually... She'll go away.

"Don't you love me anymore, Allen?" Vicky's pale face flickers in the dim light.

She stands on top of the staircase and pouts as if she never left. Her fiery red curls look exactly the same way as the last time I saw her three years ago. She's even wearing the same yellow summer dress. She seems like she's about to throw a fit any moment. I can tell. I know her better than anyone. Well, I used to know her, anyway, before she was gone for good, which is a debatable matter right now.

Oh God! This is going to get creepier than it already is!

"Well, I... I loved you, Vicky. I loved you a lot, but this can't work anymore. I moved on. You should move on too." My voice is a little shaky. I don't want her to feel my nerves, but I just can't help it. It's a damned awful situation.

"I couldn't live without you. That's why I came back. Don't you miss me, baby?" Vicky tilted her head from upstairs, staring at me with her silvery eyes. She's still pretty, but something in her look makes me freeze in my seat.

Yeah! Sure! She couldn't live without me. Dammit! Why is this happening ? I've already been over her for years and I'm finally getting my life back.

A shiver makes my skin crawl when she suddenly materializes next to me. Her thin luminescent hand caresses my face and I flinch. I draw a sharp intake of air and grip the edge of my seat, trying not to look at her. Maybe she'll just disappear and I'll possibly go pack everything and leave this entire place.

"Is it another woman?" Vicky whispers gravely in my ear and goosebumps ran through the back of my neck, spreading all over my body.

"Honey, you left for years. How would I know you'd return? I... I have a fiancee now. We're getting married soon and..." I break off, turning to stare at her sullen face when I glimpse her silhouette sitting next to me on the sofa. The same way we used to sit in the past, only this time is so different. As if it's not real. It shouldn't be real.

I gulp and lean away from her. Touching her like this is like touching a nightmare!

"You just forgot me so easily?" Vicky's brow crease.

"No! No, it wasn't easy. I mean, uh, it was, well, really tough." I stutter.

"I don't think so, Allen. You can't even look into my eyes," She shakes her head, her sad features blur in the faded light of the living room. "We were going to get married, remember?"

"Please, just leave. You shouldn't be here in the first place. This is so wrong." I look down, holding my head in my hands, my mind racing to find a way out of this deep hole.

"I don't want to leave you again, Allen. You're mine," Vicky says confidently, her cold existence brushing my hand.

I jump up on my feet. This is way too much. This crazy freak does not even exist.

"The hell are you saying? I'm not yours, you're dead! I'm talking to a freaking ghost and you think I'm yours?! You died in that car three years ago! You're not real!"

My heart is pounding and I wait for one of her usual snappy responses, but I'm wrong. Her voice is calmer and more serene than ever as she laughs at my words.

"You remember the accident, don't you?" She says softly.

My head snaps up to glance at her. I shudder when, all of a sudden, the wind whistles outside and the windows of the house creak open and hit the walls with a loud bang.

"I know what happened, baby. I know you tampered with the brakes. But I forgive you." Vicky smiles widely and the already dim lights begin to flicker with an annoying buzzing noise.

My eyes widen and my mouth gapes open. Fear seeps into every fiber of my being when she, Vicky's apparition, floats up and hovers two feet above the ground.

"Vicky! I'm- I'm s-sorry!"

"I told you, I forgive you. The only condition is, I want us to be back together." Her smile is so sweet as she glides closer.

"But... H-how? We can't... I mean, you can't just come back, can you?" I can't hide the trembling of my body anymore and I think I'm going to wet my pants any moment.

"No. But you can come to me, my love." She stretches her ethereal hand towards my chest, right over my heart.

I gasp, trying to move my legs and run away, but they're glued to the floor. Not sure if it's the fear or something supernatural and sinister that fixed me in my spot.

"No! Honey, please!" I utter a helpless cry as I feel my whole body paralyzed. Her ghostly hand is ice cold as it penetrates my flesh and bones.

"Don't be afraid, baby. I won't hurt you. You'll be safe with me."

She leans in to brush my lips with her phantom mouth, while the icy numbness crawls in and slows my heartbeat into nothing.

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