Chapter 1: Separated

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Author's Note:

Hey everyone, this is a story I've been writing on FanFiction, and I've decided to give Wattpad a go. There are 70 more chapters, and I'll get to work on uploading those at some point, but I decided to test things out here first. Now, there are some mistakes, obviously, but a lot of this early stuff is from before I knew as much as I know. Sorry if a couple of the bigger things ruin it, but overall people on FanFiction like it, so hopefully you do too.

The sun was shining brightly as our heroes trekked along the long road towards Glorio City, the site of Serena's Masterclass showcase, where she was hoping to emerge victorious as Kalos Queen. They'd been travelling since early in the morning, awoken by Ash having one of his routine "crack of dawn" training sessions. Pikachu had used an electro-ball and it had sprayed water from a nearby lake all over their campsite, causing a not so unusual symphony of groans and curses aimed at Ash.

"Can we stop? I'm really hungry," Bonnie complained. The little blonde girl could sometimes be so clever that the others forgot how young she was and that this journey was her first time travelling.

Clemont, Bonnie's older brother, replied, "Yeah, I could use a break too." As usual, he was lagging behind.

"Aw, but we're not too far, are we?" Serena asked. "I was hoping to get there today and sleep in a real bed tonight."

Ash, who of course was way ahead, as was the norm, said, "I think we're still pretty far away, Serena. We probably still have a couple of days of travelling till we get there."

"Ash is right," Clemont said, "Glorio city is kind of in the middle of nowhere. I think it's so they can have maximum space and privacy for the Masterclass showcase."

Serena sighed, "Well if it's going to take that long, I guess we should have a rest then." She pulled out her pokeballs and released Braixen, Sylveon and Pancham. "Let's go rest under that tree by the pond over there. I bet Greninja would like that, Ash." She glanced at Ash and saw his eyes light up. Anything that made his Pokemon happy, made him happy.

"Great idea, Serena. Greninja will love that." He threw up his pokeballs and Greninja, Talonflame, Hawlucha and Noivern all came out. "All right guys, time for a break! Greninja, there's a pond over there that I'll bet you'll love to swim in." His Pokemon happily shouted in glee and ran towards the pond, Pikachu, Ash's partner since Kanto, jumping off his shoulder and joining them.

Clemont and Bonnie, followed by Clemont's Pokemon (Bunnelby, Chespin and Luxray) also ran towards the pond. Dedenne happily shouting, "De de ne!" from Bonnie's bag, next to Bonnie's newest friend, Squishy. Bonnie ran into the pond, not caring about her clothes getting wet, while Clemont started to prepare lunch. "Bonnie!" He yelled, "Why aren't you wearing a bathing suit? You're only going to get cold after."

"Relax big brother," Bonnie replied, "I'll dry off quick enough."

Serena and Ash went over to the tree and sat down next to each other, watching Bonnie play with the Pokemon. Serena couldn't help but notice Ash's hand flat on the ground next to him. She glanced at him watching the Pokemon and smiling and back at his hand. Should I hold it? No, Serena, that would be dumb. He'd think you were crazy, grabbing his hand like that.

Ash had noticed her staring down, but was clearly oblivious to her reasoning. "Something wrong Serena?" He asked.

"Uh...what? No, I'm fine." She scolded herself, knowing she was blushing. He probably thinks I'm crazy. I need to stop looking at him like that.

Ash went back to looking at the Pokemon playing with Bonnie. He was clearly enjoying seeing them so happy. "So do you know what you're gonna do at the Masterclass?"

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