Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

"After years of sacrifice, your mistakes have caused your own father's death," my mother, Konsciou, spits.

I stumble back as one question echoes through me--what could she mean?

"He was gone... on a trades trip," I whisper slowly.

Her wrists lift as her hands cover her face. Breathing out a small sob, her eyes nail me with their penetrating rage. "Akitun is gone, all because of you."

Clenching my fists, the tips of my fingers sink into my skin in small gashes. The pain brings my mind to a clarifying stop. Why do I believe her? I was asleep for half the night while she was captured by the enemy. Endless possibilities could have occurred, with the most probable one being Konsciou being fed false information by the hands of these intruders.

Akitun can't be dead, my father would never go down so easily. The last thing I need is to fall for foolish lies. I have to-I have to--stop. I have to-

"Ignore her, do what you must to escape," a voice in the back of my mind hums, caressing the disarray of my thoughts.

My breath slows, my vision sways and a red haze replaces my sight. Slowly I stand, refusing to heed anymore of what Konsciou has to offer. As her lips move, no sound reaches my ears.

Instead, I lift her smoothly, sweeping her into my arms, to carry her out the door even as she rains blows through her chained fists onto my shoulders. But I don't feel a thing. Konsciou is not in the right state of mind, that much is clear. Stepping out, I realize I was only asleep for a few hours, judging by the thin streaks of light permeating the dark sky. It's not dawn yet which means this attack took place throughout the first half of the night.

My footsteps scrunch against the damp soil as I creep along the front of the house. The rain has halted for the moment, but from the way the clouds have amassed together, I could expect more. At least Konsciou has stopped struggling when she realizes that any noise would attract more intruders. But as I peer around the corner of the structure, beneath a thicket of foliage, the extent of our predicament sinks in.

Rigid with tension, I anticipate a fight nothing short of brutish. By a rough count, there's twenty people dressed in navy cloaks. Based on their angling, the leader is in the center. Overhead, arcs of light from cracks of lightning cast a brief flash against their features. Leading them is a tall girl with such golden hair that it glimmers white against the prevailing darkness. Her grey eyes seem to glow in iciness, so cold that I feel myself shiver.

Stepping towards her entourage, she grins as one does when winning a prized possession.

"They must be here. His body is with the second squad which leaves the mother and daughter inside. Taline is inside searching for them."

Taline must've been the man I fought.

I continue listening in on their conversation. "And with Salim and the third squad searching on the outside boundaries..." My focus diverts away from her words when I realize that there's more people here than I've accounted for. Which means-

"Eveline! She's here!" There's no mistaking the tip of a blade against the small of my back. As my bewilderment bleeds away, I realize that the jolts of thunder disguised the intruders' movements. Any other time, I could've detected a presence creeping up on me with ease. Before I could twist away, two blades point towards Konsciou. Any move I make means an implicit attack on her.

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