Kuro x Lazy Reader

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"Ahhhh~ what a beautiful day, wouldn't you say so Luna?"

"Ahhhh yes mistress Y/N"

"I wish it could be like this everyday...and with some-"

"I'm sorry mistress but I am in no position to grant you that wish"

"And why not!"

"Because I'm merely your gaurdian and my duty is to protect you, nothing more and nothing less"

"I see"

"Now please hold still and let me brush your hair"

"Yea yea"

"And don't go around scaring people like that again ok?"


Your name was Y/N L/N and you were a lost spirit sent by the angel's. You were practically a wandering spirit. One that had no friends. No companions. No family. And no one to care for. Your job was to gaurd the SerVamps from causing complete calamity but you were a normal teenager inside.

"Ok I'm done mistress, you may proceed with your daily duties"

"Yea yea...OH! CAN I BUY SNACKS?!"

"Whatever you wish my lady"

You walked off with your hands in your pockets. Your eye flickered with bright objects and flew over to one of the SerVamps. It wasn't difficult finding their location, there was a path of light leading you to the problems they caused. Most of the time it was with Tsubaki. Once again the path had led you to Tsubaki's place. As you passed through the walls you flew a top of their heads throwing some potato chips in your mouth. One of the subclasses, Sakuya looked up and flicked a knife at you. You flew to your side and let the knife pass.

"What are you doing here, Y/N?"

"Causing trouble again I see?"

"What do you care, stupid ghost"

"Your right, I honestly couldn't care less but as you can see it's not according to my own free will...Sakuya~"


"Anyways out of my way will you? I have work to do...UGHHH!"

"What lazy of a ghost!"

You trailed behind Sakuya until you reached another place created by Tsubaki. You entered and walked in casually and saw the SerVamp, Sloth laying on the ground. You floated over to them and hung upside down as you took his chin into your hands.

"Why hello there, Sleepy Ash~"

"Do I know you?"

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