Chapter 6

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It is night. Standing in the training field, Miyuki & Raiden stand opposite each other. An orb of light floats above each of Raiden's hands. Moving into stance, Miyuki's hand rests on her katana.

Raiden: "Are you ready?"

Raiden shoots the orbs towards Miyuki. In a single smooth movement, Miyuki draws her katana & slices through both orbs, which shatter into shards of light. Without stopping, she cuts through a third orb which was hidden behind the first two. As Raiden picks up the speed & amount of orbs he shoots, Miyuki's movements become faster & faster to match the pace.


Legolas is walking through the corridors of Rivendell. His mind is on the events of the day, in particular, the Dragon Master.

He had not expected the Dragon Master to be a girl. Furthermore, a girl so young, only just out of childhood. Tales of the Dragon Master had said that they would be warriors, wielders of great powers, capable of saving the world in times of trouble. It was unexpected to see the actual figure was someone who seemed so different from what the tales had portrayed. Did this girl really have the power to save all of Middle-Earth?

A flash of light startles him out of his thoughts. It comes from the direction of the Rivendell training fields. As the light fades, the elf heads in the direction of it, curious as to what it is. As he walks he sees another flash with the light fading in the same manner. What was it?

Approaching the training field, Legolas arrives just as Miyuki springs off a tree trunk. She somersaults through the air, cutting through the orbs of light. Once landing, moving so fast, that Legolas almost didn't see, she cuts two orbs then spinning, she cuts another two. Flipping to dodge three more orbs she then cuts through them. The elf stops to watch in awe. The girl's movements were almost as fast as the elves, no, maybe even surpassed it. He had never seen anything like it.

Finally, ten orbs of light shoot towards her. Leaping up high to avoid them, Miyuki then dives down & spinning, cuts through all of them with a single stroke. She then sheathes the sword & lets out a breath. Raiden walks up to her & ruffles her hair.

Raiden: "Well done."

Miyuki: "No. One orb grazed me."

A small drop of blood drips from a cut on her cheek. Instead of wiping the blood off, Miyuki reaches up to touch Raiden's cheek. To Legolas's surprise, Raiden has the same wound, in the exact same place. How?

Miyuki: "I'm sorry. This is because I'm still not fast enough."

Raiden: "This is nothing. You cannot completely avoid injury, Miyuki."

Legolas [recovering]: "Your movements are almost faster than an elf's & you still think you're not fast enough?"

At his voice, Miyuki spins, drawing her sword. It was so fast, Legolas barely had time to draw his long knife to defend himself. Their eyes meet, green & blue. Then recognition dawns in Miyuki's eyes & she withdraws her blade, sheathing it once more. Legolas sheathes his own blade.

Legolas: "You say you're not fast enough? If you can catch an elf off guard like this, I'd say you are plenty fast, Dragon Master."

Miyuki: "You were at the council. Who are you to judge my skill, elf?"

Legolas [bows]: "My apologies. I forget to introduce myself. I am Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of the Woodland Realm. It is an honour to meet you, Dragon Master."

Royalty? She had just committed what would be considered a crime. Miyuki had heard from rumours of passing travelers that drawing a weapon on a royal could result in punishment sometimes as harsh as death. Especially those from the Woodland Realm.

Miyuki [dogeza]: "No Prince. It is I who should apologise. I drew my sword on royalty. Punish me as you will."

Legolas [bends down]: "No. I am at fault for startling you. It is only natural to draw a weapon on what you deem a threat. Please, stand."

Taking Miyuki's hand, Legolas pulls her to her feet. Seeing the blood staining her cheek, the elf rubs the blood off.

Legolas: "It is a shame to see blood stain such pretty skin."

Miyuki blushes at the elf's gentle touch. As she looks up, Legolas finds himself looking into her forest-green eyes. Gazing into them, he feels as though he is standing in the middle of a sunlit green forest. It reminds him of his home before the darkness.

Raiden: "Miyuki. It's late. You must rest for the journey tomorrow."

The atmosphere is broken. Legolas had forgotten Raiden was there. Stepping back from the elf, Miyuki turns to leave but Legolas grabs her hand. He felt slightly reluctant to let her go even though he knew he had to.

Legolas [hesitant]: "May you by name?"

Head lowered, Miyuki nods slightly & the elf releases her. She runs to Raiden & the two of them walk back to the building, Raiden glancing back at Legolas once before they disappear inside. When they were gone, Legolas looks up into the night sky, a strange feeling in his chest.

Legolas [softly]: "How did a girl so young become the Dragon Master?"

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