Where am.......I........

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Sasuke's POV

I woke up on a cold floor I home this floor isn't dirty.

I got up and looked around about I felt like I haven't attend in a hundred years I also didn't feel right as I looked about my surroundings it was dark I got up on to feel a slightly pull around my neck it felt like some type of collar I don't know where the he'll was I.

I guided my hands and felt a long rope as I tried to pull on it but nothing worked I noticed I was tied to a wall the heck am I doing here this isn't normal.

"Well well well if it isn't Sasuke Uchiha good morning" someone says as I looked a round for the voice and soon spotted someone in the far end as the lights turned on what in the......."where am I" I yelled though my voice cracked a bit "oh calm down Sasuke and don't get you tail in a bined everything is ok".

"What.do.you.do.to.me" I said while glaring at the man in front of me who was nonother than orochimaru who just smirked at me I growled unhappy with what was going on here as he just smiled.

"Don't worry your head sasuke there is absolutely nothing to worry about" orochimaru says as he patted my hear like I was some dog "why are you even messing with me" I growled at him but something didn't feel right at all "oh sasuke you bad dog just hear me out ok" orochimaru says..........wait did he just call me a dog what I lifted my hand up to see it was normal but soon felt my head as I jumped "what did you do to me" I growled at him.

"Absolutely nothing sasuke" orochimaru says with a smirk on his face I looked at the rope and then around my sorroundings as I growled "why am I here" I said.

"Hmm just my lab is all sasuke" orochimaru says as I glared daggers at him as he just walked away while the lights turned off leaving me in the dark at least I'm not afraid of the dark but I need to get to Naruto quick.

I rubbed my touge against my teeth and noticed that if I was like Naruto than I have fangs like he does well might as well start chewing on this rope.

I can't believe I'm doing this there is gonna be some many germs it's not even gonna be funny.

I started chewing on the rope as I made it to a set tain point were I stopped couse I heard the door open so I went away from it and saw the lights turn on.

As a guy with white hair that's tighed in a pony tail, with glasses and I don't feel like explaining the rest cause I really don't care.

He had a tray of food as I watched his ever move one he was close enough I pounced on his breaking the rope that I chewed on and got him to the ground and started running for it quickly and left threw the door where I hiding a random room.

I know I'm gonna regret this but I don't regret breaking out of that chamber I don't know how long I was knocked out for but at least I'm free now where do I go from here.

I looked around wondering what to do "I need to get back home" I whispered to my self quietly while thinking about away of excaping from this chamber or what ever.

Soon I head foot steps and decided to hid somewhere as the lights turned on as I hid somewhere quietly while keeping quiet not wanting to give away my hiding place but seeing the door opened I took the chance and excaped with out being caught thankfully I went down the hall as I soon smelled something I don't know what it is but I gotta ignore it but it was to powerful as I followed the smell, as it took me to a dark room. . ..............NOPE

I walked away from it and kept going not looked back while checking each door for a way outside of this place.

After a long searching I finally found it as I ran for it safely but it's weird how I made it out so easily as I opened the door I was intently sorrounded by people I don't know as I growled and just ran for and slid right under on of them and did shadow clone justsu to have 4 me's as we went out separate ways.

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