Red is the color...

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A/N Hello beautiful people! This is my first Paul/Jane story so I don't know how it will turn out yet. I wanted to write one for quit some time and so... let's give it a go. The historical details may not be the same as the real thing, but's all just fiction. Hope you'll enjoy! All the loves!

Jane was stirring the milk in her cup of tea while reading the morning papers.

It was a beautiful spring morning. The sun was already up and the chirping of the birds outside was to be heard through the slightly opened window to let the fresh spring air in.

When she turned the page she was greeted by the lovely smile of her gorgeous boyfriend standing on the stairs of an airplane waving at the fans and press together with his three friends and bandmates.

Butterflies went through her stomach and her heart fluttered when she read the headline above the photo.

"THE BEATLES WELCOMED BACK HOME" it read and a sweet smile ghosted on her pink cherry lips. Jane had spoken to Paul yesterday that he would be back today. They had agreed on spending a lovely morning together before the recording sessions started again later this day.

She knew that Paul had come back late this night, but even though she knew for sure he would be knackered and probably still asleep, she just couldn't wait any longer to see him.

They were together for a few months now and she was so happy that of all those girls he had chosen her to be his girlfriend.

She took a quick shower and put on one of her sexy dresses and then took the bus to Paul's home.

Standing in front of the McCartney's home she straightened her dress a bit and then rang the bell.

She ran her hand through her golden red locks to make sure it was perfectly styled.

The door slowly opened and she was greeted by Paul's younger brother.

"Hey Jane!" Mike smiled at the girlfriend of his big brother "Nice to see you beautiful" he winked.

"Hi Mike" Jane smiled back and giggled about how Mike was as charming as his brother. Must be the McCartney genes she thought to herself and smiled even more thinking about the fact that she had the prettiest one of the two.

"Is Paul upstairs?" She asked excitedly. Her heart was beating faster just thinking about seeing her handsome boyfriend again.

"Yeah...he is." Mike answered raising an eyebrow "Does he know you were coming over?" he asked curiously.

Jane nodded "I'm a bit too early though..." she smiled.

"Ah okay!" Mike answered "He is still asleep. I was already wondering how he could forget about you coming over, but now I understand"

"Can I go see him?" Jane asked politely.

"Sure you can Jane!" Mike smiled "You know the way" he winked.

"Thank you Mike" Jane nodded before walking up the stairs leading her closer to her lover.

When she reached the top of the stairs she walked over to Paul's bedroom and saw the door was opened a little.

Jane placed her hand against the door and slowly opened it further letting the light fall into Paul's room and onto his bed.

Paul's suitcase was lying opened on the chair next to his bed and the clothes he had taken off last night were scattered all over the floor.

She also noticed a towel lying on the ground meaning he probably had showered before going to bed.

Slowly she walked over to the bed and observed her sleeping boyfriend.

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