Rebecca left after her high school graduation and never came back. My parents didn't even seem to notice. Last I heard she had gotten married to a guy named Jayden and/or had a son, but that was 2 years ago. So I am not really sure where she is or what she is doing. I miss her though. She was always so much fun. She would let me hang out with her and her friends, even though I was 4 years younger than her. 

The day she left both my parents weren't even home. They both are successful business owners and they don't have time for my siblings or me. Or at least that is what I am given to understand from their lack of presence. They come home every now and then to check up on us or when it has to do with work. That is probably why Josh and Rebecca stopped listening to them after a while. I listen to my parents because despite the fact the they aren't around very often; I like to think that they make rules because they have my best interest at heart. I also never really understood the whole rebellious teen act either. What's the point? I mean, I am no expert but I would think rebelling is more effective when someone is there to notice, right?

I sigh getting up and walking into my walk in closet. It is big enough to be a room actually. I pull a tank top and a pair of shorts that are paint splattered from a shelf near the front of my closet and put them on. I then walk to the very back of my closet and grab my paints and start to finish my painting. This was my real room in a way, the only place that I could be myself truly. Nobody knows that I have this area in my closet. A shelf and haphazardly stacked clothes hide it from plain view. I created this space a couple years back because I wanted an escape from being the Amber Thorn everyone knew or thought they knew. Over the years it changed a lot with me but it will always be my own personal little safe haven. 

I walk down the stairs a little while later, extremely hungry and see Josh and Logan in the living room eating a pizza while watching the Wolverine.  

"Thanks for telling me there was pizza guys." I say rolling my eyes.

"Oh yeah.  Here. Want? There should be some in the box." Josh says not really paying attention to me. I look at the box and all I see is crust. Boys.  

"Yeah it's okay. I will just go find something else."  I say rolling my eyes  yet again at my brother for his stupidity. 

"Amby!!!! Can you bring me back a drink?" Logan says while I just stare at him.  Now he notices I exist.

"No way. Get your fat butt off MY chair and get it YOURSELF." I say angrily. Okay I realize that was a bit harsh but you have to understand that being stuck in a house with the both of them can get a bit annoying. They can be such oblivious slobs at times.

"Aww.....please Amby...with chocolate on top and a cherry!" Logan says giving me the cutest puppy dogface ever that make his blue eyes look all big and blue. Oh god. I just said cute and Logan in the same sentence! I really need to crack a window when I paint. I am inhaling too many toxic fumes. But staring at that puppy dogface there is no denying it. He does have the cutest puppy dogface.  

"Alright fine but only cause you said please." I am not giving him the satisfaction of knowing I think he is cute. I mean was cute in that brief moment.  

"Whoa!  Did my sister just agree to get you a drink?" Josh says taken aback. I usually don't do their slave labor when I can help it. 

"Told you she couldn't resist my charms. I will be in that next." Logan says smirking. Wow. Cute to total man-whore in less than ten seconds flat. That must be a record.

"Dude what the hell? That is my little sister." I see Josh getting up to beat the crap out of Logan as I walk out of the room.

I come back into the room with a huge piece of chocolate cake, a glass of milk and a cold beer. I hand the beer to Logan, which he takes and puts against his now red cheek. Sucker. I give him a smug smile and he returns it with a wink while licking his lips making me flush. I grab a seat next to Logan on the couch. How can one person have such a huge ego?

"Hey Amby...guess what?" Logan asks grinning ear to ear. I know my brother and him well enough to know exactly what. Party.  

"You are throwing a party tomorrow while mom and dad aren't home and you want me to keep my mouth shut.” I say flatly to Josh and Logan. 

"Basically. Thanks Amber." Josh says. I grin a cheeky grin at Joshie. 

"Yeah...thanks Amby." Logan whispers in my ear. His breath tickling my skin and sending shiver down my spine. I shake a little from his cool breath but otherwise totally ignore him.

I don't really mind a party, especially one that would be sure to get Chase to come over. Chase is a total babe who I may have a major crush on. Lucky for me he had a thing for cheerleaders. Who would have thought that doing something you don’t like would attract the cutest boy? I guess I should thank mom for making me join cheerleading. 

Thank you for reading! (: I hope you enjoyed it. 

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