Chapter 3 - Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana ; 1993)

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After class, I asked Mr. Way if I could have access to his studio to work on some other projects. He happily let me do so, giving me the key to his studio that was branched about a mile off of campus. I thanked him quietly, gently placing my pencils back into their cases and into my messenger bag before leaving the art room. I pulled out my Walkman, slipping my headset over my ears and pressing play. Kurt Cobain filled my ears as I made the trek to Mr. Way's studio, my fingers itching to pick up a pencil and make something.


I made it to the studio in about fifteen minuets, placing the key in the lock easily and turning the handle to let me in. I took in the scent of the pine, wicker and leather mix in the room as I set my messenger bag on the coffee table. I always asked Mr. Way to come here when I wanted to escape but didn't want to go back to my apartment. I felt more at ease here, more at home.


I didn't bother to flip on the light switches; I never did. Anywhere I've ever been, if the lights weren't already on and didn't need to be on, they didn't come on. Instead, I strode over to the windows and drew each blind up, letting the natural sunlight bleed through each frame of arched shaped glass.

I sighed in content as the rays of light warmed my skin, turning and looking at the way the sunlight poured over the small space of the studio. The atmosphere darkened slightly, causing me to furrow my brows and turn to look out the window. I looked up toward the sky, seeing the cause of the shadows. Dark rain clouds were filling the sky, covering up any traces of sunlight that had been there previously.

A small grin etched it's way onto my face as I pulled an easel out from the supply closet along with a stool and set them both in front of the widest mirror. As I was setting up my station, I heard the soft tapping of the raindrops on the window panes and I smiled to myself. The rain always made me feel content with myself, like I knew who I was whenever it was raining. I pulled out some large sketch canvases, setting them on the easel before sitting myself on the stool. I placed my headset back on my ears and pressed play, again hearing Nirvana course through my ear drums as I picked up my outlining pencil and pressed it to the paper.

I let my hands flow with the melodies as I let my brain wander off into nothingness. This always happens when I get lost in my works. I tend to forget what I'm doing and where I'm at, I just create, and all I focus on is the creation itself. I was humming along to Heart Shaped Box as I continued with my steady hand gliding over the paper. It was until I was done with the work, that I noticed I had drawn an eye.

A very familiar eye.

I took in a sharp breath as I looked at my creation, almost staring in awe at how close it was to the actual small part of his body. I shook my head slightly and let out a soft sigh before just deciding to finish the picture anyway. Using my eidetic memory, which came in handy a lot, I was able to remember exactly how Brendon's face looked today and attempt to recreate it.

I began to sketch the other eye, very happy when it came out the same as the other. I then began to accentuate the arch of the bridge of his nose, making sure to get the arch and the slope just right; I didn't want his face to come out looking deformed. I the started on his high cheekbones, making sure to round them just as the should be done.

Moving down his jawline to the edge of his chin would be the easiest part, no doubt. I then took a charcoal pencil and began creating the outline of his hair, making sure to go all the way around and creating the outline before beginning to fill it in. After completing the task, I set down the pencil and stared at my work, letting out a soft sigh of relief before I was struck with a way to make the sketch even better.

I picked another charcoal pencil, sharpening it to the finest point I could get it to before placing the tip on the paper, a good ten centimeters away from the finished product of Brendon's face. I sketched the trees high and thin, making it seem like Brendon was a part of a dark and foggy forest. Making this addition to the sketch made me so excited, that I hadn't noticed it was extremely dark in the studio, some of the only light being flashed of lightning from outside of the window.

I finished the last tall tree and accentuation of fog pouring from the bottom, smiling to myself as lightning flashed over my finished product. I slid my headset off of my ears, staring at my work with slight awe in my eyes. I can't wait to show this to Mr. Way, I thought to myself. He's going to love this! Maybe he'll give me extra credit on the assignment! What if he shows Brendon? Will Brendon like it?

My mind was going everywhere, but this time in a good way.I was welcoming these thoughts, because, for the first time in a long time, I was thinking excitedly instead of anxiously. I was having so many ideas at the moment, that I somewhat felt like my brain was overloading, but I was welcoming it.

I was embracing it.

A bright flash of lightning shone through the window once again and I smiled softly, moving to sit on one of the leather couches. I leaned my head against the arm, feeling my eyes slip shut as I listened to the rain. I felt myself slipping into a sleeping state, thoughts of Brendon Urie and forests on my mind.

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