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"Ashton love can you go get Ni so you can have a bath?"

"Where's daddy?"

"At work love, please go get your brother."

"I want daddy to give us our nighttime bath like he always does, don't want you!"

"Ashton Fletcher watch your tone. Daddy is very busy right now so I have to give you your nighttime bath. If you're going to act like this though I'll just give Niall a bath and you'll go straight to bed, is that what you want?" Ashton immediately shook his head just as Louis suspected. "Then please listen and go get Niall from the playroom while I get the bath ready."

"Okay Papa." Ashton said before toddling off to the playroom. He opened the door and saw Niall facing away from him playing with his train set. He walked over and placed his hand on Niall's shoulder causing him to jump.

"You scared me don't do that!" Ashton stared at Niall and repeated what he just signed in his mind trying to figure out what he said. He couldn't figure it out though and Niall eventually noticed the confused look on his face. He decided to sign it again but slower so Ashton could process it but just like before, Ashton was clueless. Niall sighed in frustration but just went back to his trains only to feel Ashton tugging on his sleeve seconds later.

"No! Papa said bath time!" He told him.

"I can't hear you, please sign"

"Niall bath time!" He shouted, getting angry that Niall wasn't understanding him. When Niall just continued to play with his trains and not even look at him anymore, that's when Ashton snapped. He stormed over to Niall and grabbed him by the hair and began dragging him out the door. Niall screamed and cried in pain as he tried to bat Ashton's hands away.

"ASHTON FLETCHER STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!" Louis screamed as he ran in and pulled Ashton off of Niall. "GO TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW!" Ashton quickly did as told. He had never been yelled at like that before, mainly because he had never done anything that bad before. He doesn't know what happened, he just got really angry all of a sudden.

Louis rocked a crying Niall in his arms as he pulled out his phone and quickly searched for the contact he was looking for.

"Hello? Lou is everything alright?"

"Kind of, Harry's working late because there's a possible child endangerment case so I have the boys and Ashton got really mad and lashed out at Niall. He's pretty inconsolable right now and I was wondering if you could take Ash for the night? I just don't know when Harry is going to be home and I really need to focus on Niall, I've never seen him this upset. Ashton is grounded so really all you'd have to do is send him to bed. He's not allowed any telly time or anything."

"Of course, Zayn is out getting groceries right now so I'll have him pick up Ash on the way home."

"Thank you so much Liam."

"Anytime." They said bye to each other before hanging up. Louis went up to the twins' room and put some of Ashton's clothes in a bag.

"You're going with Uncle Zayn and Uncle Liam for the night. You're still grounded though." Ashton just slowly slid off his bed without making eye contact with him, took the bag, and walked downstairs to wait by the door. Louis took Niall over to the changing table, laid him down on it, and began to change his nappy.

"What happened between you and Ash?"

"He came up behind me and scared me accidentally and I told him not to do that but he didn't understand me and he got frustrated. Then he tried to tell me something but I couldn't hear him of course and that's when he got mad and tried to drag me out the door by my hair." Louis just sighed and finished changing Niall's nappy before cuddling him back into his chest.

Two hours later and Louis was laying in bed with Niall curled into his side fast asleep. Zayn had picked up Ashton about an hour and a half ago. He heard the front door open and shut then foot steps coming up the stairs. Harry opened the bedroom door seconds later and cooed at the sight in front of him.

"He's had a rough day." Louis whispered.

"Aww poor thing, where's Ashton?" He whispered back.

"With Zayn and Liam...Haz we really need to talk."

Whoa finally an update, on top of being busy I an having the WORST writers block I've ever experienced. Anyway what do you think Larry are going to do about the Niall and Ashton situation?

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