Chapter 29 Good news

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Melanie POV

"I think I should go," Lamar says.

"Yeah," I say getting up.  He walks out and I see August keep his cool as he walks by. August puts his cigarette down and steps on it. I want to give him some space but I dont want it to make it seem like I dont care. He walks towards the house, he walks in and ignores me. "Can we talk?," My mind says but nothing comes out. I walk upstairs and sit dowb on the mini couch in front of my bed. I sit there flipping through channels not really look at anything. Thinking.

*1 hour later*

August walks into the room and grabs his phone charger and begins to walk out.

"Can we talk?," I finally say. He stops.

"What to talk about?,"

"Really August grow up-," he cuts me off.

"Grow up you can't be talking about growing up. I've grown but your haven't, obviously your still with the youth," Youth meaning Lamar. "So your the last to be talking about growing up," He put me in mute. 

"Well you so you know I do feel bad. And I'm sorry, " he almost laughs.

"Everything in our relationship is always sorry," I nod. "We don't know what our places in this relationship is. I'm the man, your the woman. I provide for you and protect you. But I'm tired of seeing you with a different dude every damn day. Like how am I supposed to be the man that I am when you steady on some dude. Like do you not see me infront of you?," he asks me.

"I do but-but I am just-," he waits for a response.

"Full of shit," he says. I start tearing up. He is catching me off gaurd right now. "Since you always talking to guys and what not you can be with them. Is that what you want? ," he asks.

"No babe that's not what I want, " I say wiping my tears. "I want to be with you,"

"Huh?," he asks raising his voice slightly.

"I don't want that I want to be with you," I say a little louder.

"Then why dont you seem like it?,"

"I'm trying what else do you want me to do?," I ask him.

"I want you to stop talking to these dudes. I want you to show me all the love you showing them-,"

"But I'm not showing them any love what are you talking about?," I ask confused. 

"Oh really because they are always some how back at you damn door step grinning"

"Im sorry they are always here hut what about your bitches?," I ask trying to turn it on him. 

"What bitches? I dropped all of them for you. For you Melanie, " He shakes his head and turns frustrated. "Why can't we just have a normal relationship?," he asks me.

"Because we always want more when everything we ever need is in front of us," I admit.

"Come here," He says, I walk over to him on my knees and hug him. He towers over me as I hug him on the bed. "I love you,"

"I love you  too," I say into him. "I love you too,"

** later that day**

"RING RING RING!," I put my ice cream dowb and answer the phone.


"Hi Melanie Rodriguez,  its Dr. Fisher. We have good news. There has been a misreading and you found out that you are having twins,"

"Wow," I put my hand on my stomach. "Wow that's great," I schedule an appointment to see him, and check on my babies. "Okay thank you bye," I hang up.

"Who was that?," August asks me massaging my legs.

"We are having twins," I say smiling.

"Twins?," I nod. "Twins inside of you,"

"Yeah," I say smiling.

"That's great," he rubs my stomach. "Hey guys, Daddy is here for you guys," I smile."Daddy can't wait to see you, " I smile, I feel a tiny kick. "Which one was it?," We felt another kick, we looked at each other and smiled.

**  4months later** I. want these babies to come already***

"August your putting it together wrong," I say telling him instructions.

"No look," he says. "Let the man do this," I raise my hands in surrender and finish painting Devin's room. August gets  up and helps me paint the room, he "accidently" gets some on me.

"Really?," I say.

"My bad," he says trying not to laugh. I smirk and flick paint onto him. "You mad?," he laughs, and flicks more paint onto me. We play around with the paint and we wash up in the bath.

"Wow," I say feeling either Kailyn or Devin.

"Whats wrong," aw he is scared.

"I felt a kick," I say, I blow bubbles onto him.

"You scared me,"

"I want to see your reaction in the delivery room,"

"Im a man, "

"Please you say that  now," he chuckles. "Come on lets finish this room,"


"Ow ow ow!," I say waking up August.

"What what?," He asks jumping up.

"It hurts," I say holding onto my stomach.

"What hurts," I begin taking slow breaths. "You can't be going to early birth your only 8 months, " I get up and start packing. I walk into the restroom, I have to go potty. I smile walking out. "What?,"

"False alarm," he rolls his eyes. I laugh. "I'm sorry,"

"Waking me up scaring me," he says climbing back into bed.

"I said I'm sorry," I say giggling.

"Night," he says.

"Goodnight, " I turn over and turn out the light.

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