Chapter 23

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Lauren's POV

" This is fine. This is totally fine. This is fine. It's fine", I repeat, trying my absolute best not to panic.

" What's fine?", Sam asks as he sees me trying not to panic.

" How could you say that?! This is totally not fine!", I exclaim.

" I think you need to take a breather on the planning", He says.

" I can't take a breather. The wedding is exactly one week from now", I yell at him.

" Why are you yelling?", Nat asks as she walks in on us, " Is she freaking out over the wedding again?".

" Yep", Sam responds, " Can we get Maximoff to use her mind control powers on her?", which earns him a chair thrown at his face.

" I think it'd be best if you left", She says.

" Don't have to tell me twice", He says, then scampers out of the room.

" You seriously need to calm down", Nat says.

" Calm down? How the hell can I calm down when the wedding is in a week?! We-We still don't have a location, or weather or not we're going to have a cocktail hour or a reception, and the dress... oh, my God. I still don't have a dress!".

" You're freaking out over minor things", She says as I run my fingers through my hair then place my hands on my hips, " I can help you with this".

" I-I can't do this, Nat", I tell her, " It's too much".

" Are you kidding me?! You're strong enough to have stopped an alien invasion, stopped a terrorist organization from killing hundreds of people, kept Tony and Steve from ripping each others heads off and stopped an evil robot from killing off the human race, but you're chickening out because of wedding planning? No. This is not the Lauren Grey I've known for all these years.If it's too much for you, then why not just stop?", Nat asks.

" I can't", I say.

" Why not?", She asks as she sits down on the couch in the lounge.

" Because... because if I don't, then I won't be able to marry Steve", I sigh.

" And you want to?", Nat asks as she crosses her arms over her chest.

" Of course I want to marry the man. Otherwise I wouldn't of said yes", I say.

" Then why are you one screw loose from starting a World War?", She asks.

" You know I don't do good under stress", I say, making her sit up straight, because she knows exactly what I'm talking about, " I try not to think about it... but it's always in the back of my mind".

" I thought you said you got a handle on it", Nat says in a soft tone.

" I lied", I respond as she stands up, " No matter how hard I try to push it away... it always seems to come back".

" Come here", She says as she stretches her arms out.

I then delve into her embrace, resting my chin on her shoulder, even though she's a bit shorter than I am. I let out a shaky breath as I try to contain my tears, and I succeed.

" I know you're scared, but you can pull through this. You always have. I promise you that I will always be with you and stand by your side... no matter what", Nat says as she gently rubs my back.

" You say that now", I mumble.

" I intend to keep my promise", She says as she pulls back and places her hands on my arms, " I'll come through with that. You'll see".

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