a day of work

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stereotypical dark street in the middle of the night  with few street lights and several closed shops. 

Alex: meandering down the street whistling a slow tune with his headphones covering his ears and his hands in his hoodie's pockets.

mean looking thug: steps out of an alleyway with two of his friends and two more step out of an alley behind Alex those are some nice looking headphones you have there

Alex: notices the thug and slides a headphone off an ear what was that?

mean looking thug: i said... those are some nice looking headphones 

Alex: why thank you they cost a fortune chuckles 

mean looking thug: well that sucks cause we'll be taking them then waits for the two thugs behind Alex to lunge for him

Alex: flips a switch on his headphones and the speakers on the outside start playing dub-step as he kicks back at the  left ones sternum and roundhouse kicks the other sending them both sprawling and he turns back to the mean looking thug smirking that it? 

mean looking thug: scowls get him! pulls a knife as three more armed men emerge from the shadows and surround Alex 

Alex: turns the music up and back flips off the nearest thug's knee, slamming his leg to the floor shattering the kneecap and sending Alex over the heads of the thugs on the other side landing in a roll where he sweeps the legs out from another 

Thug: whirls around to see troll roll back after dropping his friend and lunges for Alex just as the bass drops 

time seems to slow

Alex: plants hands on the ground mid roll and launches himself, heels first, at the thug and the bass spikes up as soon as his heels connect with the thugs chin with enough force to send the thug sprawling, groaning in pain as troll lands on his feet turning to look at the mean looking thug as the music goes a bit lower that it?

mean looking thug: draws a gun and points it at Alex as the music builds up your going to pay! fires the gun and the bass drops again 

Alex: leans to the side, twirling towards the thug  as the bullet passes by his ear, pulling his hands out of his pockets for the first time of this fight and rams a dagger through his heart wow, i guess that was pulls the other hand out of the hoodie and the last thing the thug sees is the burned and mangled skin as it turns off the speakers as Alex walks away.

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