"You can try," Greta says, tauntingly to Sofia, and Sofia smirks.

"And I'll succeed," she says, turning her back on the witch and taking her place at the breakfast bar, next to Katherine who was watching the scene with interest. Not long after the fight between Greta and Sofia, Greta exits the apartment. "Finally. I thought she'd never leave."

"No kidding," Katherine agrees, and goes to the refrigerator, and looks inside. The two vampires look sharply at the door when they hear a key enter the lock. Katherine blurs over to stand in front of the door while Sofia casually walks to stand next to her. The door opens, revealing Alaric.

"You shouldn't be here," Sofia says, looking at him through calm eyes.

"Well, somebody had to invite him in," Alaric says, and the two females look at him, confused. "Damon. Would you like to, uh, come in?"

"I should have known," Sofia says when Damon walks inside. Katherine rushes over and stands in front of him.

"Are you trying to get me killed?" Katherine asks, glaring at him, and Damon grabs Katherine and pushes her against the wall, holding her there by her neck.

"I gave you vervain, now I'm here to collect. I got it from here, Ric," Damon says.

"You sure?" Alaric asks, frowning a bit.

"Yeah, only one of us needs to get blamed for this. Get back in the house. Keep Elena from handing herself over," Damon says, and Alaric nods a bit and leaves.

"Get blamed for what?" Katherine asks, pushing Damon off of her.

"I need to know where Klaus is keeping his werewolf," Damon says, and Sofia laughs.

"If we told you that, he'd kill us both," Sofia says, shaking her head at him.

"Well, a dead werewolf equals no ritual," Damon says, looking between the two women.

"No. You can't interfere, Damon. Klaus will kill you and everyone you've ever met," Katherine tells him.

"I just need to delay this thing," Damon says.

"No. No way," Katherine says, walking away from him.

"You should like this. It's going to buy another month of your pathetic life," Damon says, assuming that its Katherine that Klaus is planning on sacrificing.

"Right. Except that I'm not the vampire he's planning on sacrificing. Neither of us are," Katherine says, gesturing to Sofia.

"What?" Damon asks, and Katherine looks at Sofia and sighs.

"Yeah. He's got Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood. Therefore, I'm in the clear," Katherine says, and immediately finds herself slammed against the wall, with Sofia's hand wrapped tightly around her throat. Sofia's face is changed, her fangs elongated, and her eyes dark.

"And you gave him this idea?" Sofia growls.

"I had to, Sofia," Katherine gasps out, and Sofia pulls Katherine away from the wall a bit, only to slam her back against it. Sofia stares into Katherine's fearful brown eyes for a moment.

"They're in the tomb," Sofia says to Damon. "Save her. Get Caroline out of there."

"I will," Damon says, and rushes out of the apartment.

"You better hope that he gets her out of there, Katerina. Because if he doesn't, you'll die with her, no matter what Klaus says," Sofia snarls to her, dropping her to the floor, and walking away from the younger vampire.

The next few hours are spent in complete silence, Katherine not daring to speak a word to Sofia, lest she lose her temper completely, and kill her on the spot. Sofia sits on the couch, tensely reading a book, and the silence is broken when Klaus returns.

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