Beast To Prince

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"Wow! Look at him, he doesn't jump or bark any more!"

Jae smiles at the couple and their now behaving Newfoundland dog. The man of the couple looks up at her and takes out his check, ready to give payment for her work.

"Now, that should be a thousand exact right?" Jae's face frowned a bit as she folded her arms.

"I'm very sorry sir, but it's actually two hundred extra." Both adults' eyes widen at her. The man snaps his check book shut and looks at her up and down.

"Extra? You only took care of our dog for five days. Your form said it's a hundred a day and doubled if training because of his size, that's a thousand." Jae challenged his look, not backing down even with his stern voice.

"You told me you would leave your dog with me for seven days, but you suddenly the date to five on the forth day. I had to cram training all on that one day, that's extra. I have other customers that want me to help with their dog but I had to focus all on yours." The wife walks up to her husband and puts a hand on his shoulder, trying to bring down the man's temper.

"Honey, look how much our pet has approved, lets just give her the extra."

He pressed his lips to a fine line, but reluctantly took out his checkbook and wrote down the price for Jae's services. He then rips the paper with a grumble and handed it to the girl. Jae smiles triumphantly and takes the paper with confidence. She then waves at the two as they exit with their now behaved dog. Once the couple was well out of her pet shop, Jae sighs and a slight frown comes on. From the back of the store comes her friend and employee, she comes out carrying a box and walks up to Jae with a slight smirk.

"What's with that face? I thought you were glad to be done with them." Jae lets out another puff of air and folds her arms.

"They'll be back, in five months tops."

The dog was a mess before Jae trained him. Usually such large dogs are mellow without any training, but this was the complete opposite. He would bark at any person that passed by, and jump at anyone for a lick on the face. This wasn't an issue of just a bad dog but bad owners, and they insist only for her to train the dog? The couple probably spoils him at home. Jae swears dog owners are getting worse and worse by the years.

"Jae, where do these new dog biscuits go?" Jae turns her head and calls out to her friend.

"Replace them with the old brand we have, Willow."

Willow was first just a new worker when she applied last year, but the two then realized they were going to the same college and started to get closer after that. Jae dropped out seven months ago because she realized she couldn't keep up with studies and the pet store she owns, but Willow still attends her studies and strives to be a vet. Willow had short glossy, black hair, probably dyed, and brown eyes. She's stick skinny, pale, and wears heavy eye make-up. The girl is fun and has a great way of attracting customers, but most would usually just come in to view Willow as some eye-candy.

Willow soon comes back to Jae with a smile and jumps over to the girl, she then frowns seeing a strained look on her face. Willow leans forward to inspect Jae's face more, she in turn blinks at her friend in confusion.

"What?" She leans back, giving her space again and lets out a frown.

"Don't worry so much over the dog, the owners aren't abusing him or anything." Jae frowns a bit and runs a hand through her thick, black hair.

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