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(Medieval AU. Original Content. Follow up to #19)

Marinette opened the door and there stood Adrien. "Good evening my lady." He smiles. Marinette opens the door wider so he can walk into her room.

"Yes?" Marinette smiles at her blonde prince. Adrien holds out a letter. Marinette takes it and recognizes the sloppy handwriting. Hugo wrote her a letter. She sat next to Adrien so he could read it too.

"Dear Mama,
Hi! I miss yous very much. Auntie Alya says that you will be home tomorrow but only for a wittle bit. I hope that you ares happy with the prince, ask him if he has stories like yours. The tomato haired man still is very rude, Uncle Nino yelled at him for it today. I laughed. Skylar says hi and that she misses you too. I can't wait to sees you.
Love, Hugo." (A/N I have know idea how to write as a six year old.)

"I can't wait for you to meet him." Marinette smiles at the note.

"Who's the 'tomato haired man'?" Adrien asked laughing.

"His name is Nathaniel. He's in love with me and no matter how many times I turn him down he doesn't give up."

"I can't blame him. I mean, just look at you." Adrien says kissing Marinette's cheek. Marinette blushes.

"Shush. Don't try anything funny. You should head on back to your room."

"No. I'm staying here. I have to protect my damsel from evil tomato haired men." Adrien laughs wrapping his arms around Marinette's waist. Pulling her on to the bed. Marinette laughs at him.

"I love you." Marinette says cuddling close to Adrien under the covers.

"I love you too. Good night princess." Adrien says kissing the top of her head before dozing off.

The next morning. A few servants were in panic because the prince wasn't in his room. They searched all over the castle for him. "I can't find him." One servant whispered.

"Neither can we." Another servant whispers back. Just then Princess Chloe came strolling up to them.

"Excuse me, but I'd like to speak with my Adrikins." Chloe says shoving past them. The servants tried to stop her but she reached Adrien's room and opened the door. When she realized he wasn't there she scream very loud. Startling Adrien and Marinette who were in her room still. Adrien was sitting in his pajamas while Marinette got dressed. The two ran out of her room and down the hall to Adrien's room.

"What's wrong?" Adrien shouted. Everyone turned to face him. The servants sighed in relief.

"Thank heavens your safe. You weren't in your room so we were worried." One servant explains.

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