Chapter Seven» The Man With The Scar

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The soft humming of birds rang melodically against the windows, echoing all around. The sun had risen spreading its illuminating light throughout the land; welcoming all in its arms.

I could feel a soft sigh escape my lips as I cuddled against the black hoodie; feeling goosebumps runs down my arms.  The large villa was surprisingly quiet for the first time and no doubt it was because all were sleeping.

An open balcony remained at the far end of the room. Spreading its warm breeze inside; I could feel my eyes roam throughout the room; landing on the pictures against the wall. On each side.

A soft smile took over my features as I walked towards them; my eyes trailing on the goofy pictures plastered against the wall. Armaan stood next to Usmaan whilst Isaac pulled rabbits ears behind him. The two young men completely unaware of the gesture.

Laughing softly, I found myself staring at the pictures of a sleeping Armaan with lipstick on as Isaac grinned like a fool with his thumbs up whilst a goofy looking me, blew a kiss at the camera. The last one included a very annoyed Usmaan with pink feathers all over his head as Isaac did a gracious jump in the background.

Lord knows, how much I'll miss these boys. I mentally whispered hearing a knock on the door making me look up. A soft vibrant voice came through the doors making me stand up abruptly; a smile taking over my features. 

" Naina.. are you awake?" Abba voice rang as I reached for my headscarf and sprinted towards the door. Opening it. Feeling a huge grin plaster my features.

I could see Abba stand before me; his blonde hair brushed neatly to the side as he sported a black waistcoat on his traditional Pashtun attire. Glancing upwards  I could see him smile softly; his blue eyes twinkling, making him reach forward and pinch my cheeks lightly.

" Come let me show you something" he spoke making me nod, turning around I found myself closing the bedroom door. Following behind Abba's large figure, I could see him tense and abruptly stop. Making me almost crash in to him.

" Where do you think you're going?" Abba asked turning around, causing me to give the man a confused look. Not understanding what he was saying.

" Come here you" He said extending his arm. Feeling heat rise my cheeks making lean in to my father, seeing my arm link against his.

A comfortable silence dawned upon us; both of us lost in our thoughts. Walking down the large hallway. I found memories sweep pass me by, making my throat tighten. Not wanting to face the future ahead.

A future with Omar.

My train of thoughts abruptly stopped hearing loud snoring ring loudly from Isaacs room; making Abba chuckle beside me. Shaking my head, a low chuckle ripped from my mouth, hearing Abba loud voice ring against my ears. Echoing all around.

" I remember when you turned five; you had Isaac sitting on the sofa, while you and Usmaan cut his hair saying, he looked like a barbie doll with long hair" Abba spoke making me giggle as we reached downstairs. Hearing utter silence ring in each corner across the large villa.

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