Solving A Hurdle || Introduction

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Ever faced problems you didn't know how to deal with? Ever asked for a solution but didn't get it? Ever gave up because you couldn't solve the hurdle?

This book is only for such questions. We are here and are going to give you advice on how to solve certain hurdles. We are going to write solutions to some common problems.

If you think of a problem you don't have a solution for, leave it in the comments and we'll come up with one. You can also PM us your advice for a problem of your choice (only if you've been accepted) - one that may or may not have been dealt with in this book. We will credit you and dedicate the chapter to you.


If you don't have a solution

Username/Name :

Problem? :

If you want to PM us your advice on some solution [if you have been accepted - more info in Note (2)], please include :-

Username/Name :

Problem :

Advice :

NOTE : 1) The problem you're going to write a solution for can be already dealt with. We have a list of topics we're going to be dealing with which we will put up in the next chapter. Make sure your answer to the problem is different than what others wrote.

2) If you want to PM us, please list the problem (only one) you're going to be dealing with in the comments in one single comment and if and only if we accept it, PM us your advice along with the form.

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