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Camilla's POV

Today is an exciting day. It's my first day of college. I'm studying chemistry at Columbia University. It's marks a new adventure. I'll get to meet new people and see snow. I'm so excited I could just scream.  School before was a strange adventure to say the least. Solely because of Alejandro. He followed me everywhere, all day and every night.

It took me a while to notice that he was even doing this. When we were in elementary I thought he just needed friends because he was shy. But one day in sixth grade, Tyler Durden asked to the sock hop dance after school. I saw Alejandro screaming at Tyler, "You can't take her to the dance. She's mine!"

I wasn't to sure what he meant back then but when we got older I understood a lot more. I would be at my locker beginning the school day and I would feel hands on my hips knowing it was him. That's how it began. But he took something from me that made me realize he was serious about me being his.

My mama never understood why I always wore long sleeves and jeans all the time especially since we lived in Miami. I never told her about Alejandro. I never told her about my insecurities concerning what he would do if I dressed a certain way.


"I don't understand baby girl why you're always so covered up. You're beautiful." My mama says.

"I know I'm beautiful mama. I'm just more comfortable this way."

"You're going to be a sophomore this year and the first thing I want you to do is wear the outfit I bought you. Please for me. You're 15 and I want you to look like it okay." She pleads with me.

I can't ignore her when she does that especially when she looks like she's about to yell for my papa's help. I can't have that. He knows me too well.

"Okay mama."


The outfit her mom picks

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The outfit her mom picks.

I really liked the outfit she picked and for once I wasn't sweating bullets on my walk to school. I made my way to my locker to gather my books waiting for Alejandro to make his presence known.

"What are you wearing, Mila?"

"Clothes. Duh." I say as calmly as possible even though my heart feels like it's  about to pop out my chest. I feel his hands on my waist squeeze and for the first time he turns me around to look at him. It's not the first time I've seen his face of course he just usually walks behind me with his hands glued to my hips. What I don't understand is why he isn't the most popular boy in school. He's gorgeous with his boyish good looks yet he looks like a man. He has full lips, piercing blue grey eyes, a jawline that can cut through steel and a body to die for. But maybe he just doesn't want to be.

"I know they're clothes, Mila. I just want to know why you are showing off what's mine?"

"Yours. What do you mean yours?"

As soon as the question is out of my mouth he says,"this." His lips land on mine. I had no idea what was happening. He took my first kiss.

Alejandro's POV

I watch her all the time. She's simply amazing. I still remember the first day we met. It was kindergarten and I had a small accident that day.


"Mommy I don't want to go to school." Five year old me whines.

"You have to baby boy. Papa will be here as soon as 3 o'clock hits. Okay."

Sniffling a little bit, "okay."

I walk into school and I'm so nervous. I sit down next to a girl with curls just like my mama.

"Hi I'm Camilla."

"I'm Alejandro."

"You wanna be my friend, Alejandro."


Suddenly a boy comes up to us and he pushes me out of my chair and I get scared of what he was going to do next.

"Look everybody the wittle baby peed himself." The whole class laughed. All except Camilla.

She helps me up and screams, " He's my friend and you poopyheads leave him alone."

In that moment I knew two things: I would never be scared again and I would always follow, Mila.

We've been through so much together. I've never really been talkative and neither has she but I've made it known that she is mine. I was her first kiss as she was mine. I know there's no place I wouldn't follow her.

 I know there's no place I wouldn't follow her

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Stephen James as Alejandro

Stephen James as Alejandro

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Christina Vidal as Camilla

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