Wazzzzupppp! I'm Zendaya!

( she's not famous in this story)

That's a picture of me and my bro!

Anyway Your here to learn about my swag self.

Name: Zendaya Bella Coleman

Age: 15 in the flashback and after she's 17

Birthday: April 3 1994

Nicknames: Z, Daya, Bella

Family: Cassie Coleman(mom) , Tyler Coleman(brother)

Bestfriend: Mackenzie Dawn Regal, Justin Drew Bieber

Crush: Justin Drew Bieber and has been in love with him since fifth grade!

Personality: Smart, Funny, Beautiful, and is really sweet..........unless your Selena Gomez then she HATES YOU. Its not because she's dating Justin Bieber. Its because she's always trying to destory my character and my friendship with justin. Justin always takes her side and I'm sick of it! Next time she comes at me I'm going to use my fighting skills on her.

And that's it for Now.

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