~Part 2~

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Taehyung called the ambulance then turned to Baekhyun "Will he be okay?" The younger asked him watching as he loosened all of Yoongi's clothes and accessories "I'm not sure it looks like he might die, come here try get him to wake up I need to grab something." Baekhyun replied as Taehyung approached him "He can't die, I love him" Taehyung mumbled the last part as Baekhyun rushed over to his desk and pulling an oxygen mask out of one of the draws "I knew my first aid draw would come in handy someday." Said Baekhyun bringing the mask over and securing it on Yoongi's face to help him breath "Please hyung make sure he is okay I'm gonna go wait for the ambulance." Begged Tae as he walked out of the room "Aish Yoongi my brother sure does love you why can't you see, I know Jimin did this and I'm gonna make him regret it." Baek said just before Jimin walked into the room gasping at the sight of Yoongi's limp body "OMG Yoongi no, whats wrong with him professor" "I have no Idea but the ambulance is on its way I think he may be in a coma" Baekhyun replied 'Maybe this is the scare Jimin needs to treat Yoongi right' Baekhyun thought to himself as Jimin left the room crying 

~In the ambulance~

Taehyung and Baekhyun were sat with Yoongi in the ambulance no words had been muttered since the doctor said that Yoongi was in a coma with a low possibility of recovery all that could be heard was Taehyung's tears as he held Yoongi's hand tight "Tae Tae?" "Yeah?" "You love him don't you?" "He is my universe" Taehyung said ending the small conversation causing an awkward silence that lasted for the rest of the drive to hospital.

~In Hospital~

"Min YoonGi seems to be in a comatose state, this means that..." "Yes I know what it means I am married to a fully qualified doctor!" Baekhyun shouted interrupting the doctor "If you will excuse me I am going to explain Yoongi's condition to my younger brother now." Baekhyun walked out of the room leaving the doctor shocked, as Baekhyun walked towards the Taehyung he planned in his head what he was going to say to the younger male "Um TaeTae?" "Yeah?" "Yoongi is in a comatose state." "A what?!" "It basically means that he has gone into a deep sleep which he can't be woken up from and he does not respond to light, sound or pain. You might know it as a coma but listen to me Tae he will get better I am certain of this, you just need to remember that even though it appears like he can't hear us, he can. Many people have woken up from comas because their loved ones have said something or played a certain song or even just because they heard a certain voice, not many things will be able to wake him, you just have to find the thing that will." Baekhyun said reassuring his sorrowful dongsaeng "Umm okay, should we tell Jimin about this?" Tae replied "I suppose we have to." Taking out his phone Baekhyun asked Taehyung for Jimin's mobile number as the younger male typed Jimin's number into Baekhyun's phone Baekhyun was thinking of ways to control his anger as he knew all of this was Jimin's fault. Taehyung pressed the call button and handed the phone back to his hyung before returning to his seat, bringing the phone to his ear baekhyun waited for Jimin to pick up "Yoboseyo?" "Jimin?" "Yeah?" "Yoongi is in a coma." "WHAT?! No this can't be real!" "Come to the hospital and see for yourself." "Which hospital?" "Samsung Medical Center" "Arraso I'm on my way now." "Bye." Baekhyun says hanging up the phone "He is on his way." "Why is he coming here? THIS IS ALL HIS FAULT!" Taehyung said bursting into tears, Baekhyun sat down next to the fragile young male and hugged him in an attempt to soothe his feelings the brothers sat like that for about 30 minutes before Jimin came bursting into the corridor, Baekhyun pointed out Yoongi's room and sent Jimin in without a word being said before following him into the room Taehyung not far behind, as soon a Taehyung saw Yoongi lying asleep in the hospital bed he gasped and ran over to the man he desperately wanted to save from everything leaving Jimin stood in the doorway shocked, Taehyung grabbed Yoongi's hand and said "I love you Yoongi please wake up I need you" making Yoongi's eyes flutter open and look at Taehyung. Just then the nurse came in and when she saw Yoongi's open eyes she began examining his responses to light, sound, and pain she started by shining a light in his eyes the she got Taehyung to ask Yoongi to blink twice if he could hear him and he blinked twice then she pinched his thumb making him flinch "Wow I have never seen someone come out of a coma this fast, you two must be close friends." The nurse said, suddenly everyone heard a deep sleepy voice "Please can everyone leave me and Tae alone." all eyes turned to Yoongi as it was obviously him speaking before everyone left leaving Taehyung and Yoongi alone....

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