Chapter 2

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(Ruby's P.O.V.)


I hear my name being whispered. I groan at the person and roll over in bed, hoping that by ignoring them they'll get the message and leave me alone.

"Ruby." I feel someone place their hand on my arm and shake me lightly. "Ruby, sweetie, wake up. Come on, you've stayed in bed far too long."

"Go away," I mumble into my pillow.

"No, sweetheart. Come on. You have to get up," my Mom says, urging me to get out of the bed. What time is it anyway? Eight? "Ruby, it's three in the afternoon. You need to get up now."

"It's what time?" I ask sitting up. I couldn't have heard her correctly the first time.

"It's three," she says.

I groan as I stumble out of bed. "I'm going for a shower."

"Okay, sweetie."

I make my way into towards the bathroom and once in there I grab my tooth brush. I hear Mom rambling on, but haven't got the faintest ideas as to what she's on about. I think she's talking about a party. God, my mother has a better social life than I do. How sad is that?

"Why are you so happy?" I finally ask her, poking my head out my bathroom door. I was too busy with the knot in my hair to properly take in anything she just told me. She opens her mouth to reply but I cut her off. "Mom, when you're getting stuff for that party you're going to tonight, will you get me some more ice-cream please? I ate the last of it yesterday and I've been craving it ever since then. Thanks."

"Sure, honey," she smiles. "Wait a minute, what party am I going to?"

"I don't know, the one you were just telling me about that you were so happy about. Anyway, I'm going in for my shower. Bye, Mom." I close the bathroom door on my very confused looking mother. She really should listen to herself when she's talking. Honestly, I worry about her at times.

Twenty minutes later I put my hair dryer down and brush out my hair. I apply some moisturizer to my face before making my way downstairs to find something to eat. I stare at the clock and still can't believe I stayed in bed all that time. Normally the latest I'd ever stay in bed would be half eleven. It must be all that shopping and walking around I did yesterday that has me so tired.

I make my way to the fridge and my stomach growls in outrage for being neglected for so long. "I'm working on it," I mumble. I grab some chicken, lettuce and mayo and practically throw a sandwich together. I wolf it down without even cutting the bread in half. I wander back to the fridge in search of something else to eat. Not seeing anything to my liking I open up the cupboards on a hunt for something to satisfy my hunger. I almost squeal with delight when I find a packet of white chocolate chip cookies. I grab the packet and make my way into the living room and switching on the T.V. I munch happily on my cookies as I watch, yet again, another re-run of Friends.

* * *

"Ruby," Matt says, distracting me from the TV.

"What?" I mumble.

"Did Mom tell you what's going on tonight?"

"Yeah," I reply, vaguely remembering my Mom telling me about a party she was going to and how excited she was.

"Good. It's seven thirty now. Why don't you head on upstairs and get ready?"

"Okay," I say sleepily. I slowly push myself of the sofa and waddle upstairs. Once in my room I close the door over, leaving it open a small bit, and practically collapse onto my back, on my bed. I slide under the covers and pull them up to my chin. Why am I so tired? This can't be good. I'll just close my eyes for a few minutes, then I'll be fine. I'll be ok in a few minutes, then I'll get ready for whatever Matt was talking about. Those are the last thoughts I have before sleep takes over me.

(Ryan's P.O.V.)

I walk; no bounce is probably a better word, towards the front door of Ruby's parents' house. I can't believe how excited I am. I'm finally going to see her after being in Iraq for six months. I think back to the amazing night we had just two days before I left. I remember at the time that I couldn't believe how lucky I was getting to spend such an amazing night like that with her.

I remember having feelings for her at the time and how scared I was to admit these feelings I was having to her. The past few months as things in the army got harder, the thoughts of seeing her again was the only thing keeping me alive. It took me all those months away from her for me to realize that I was in love with her. Now that I'm back though, I'm certainly not going to keep my feelings to myself.

I make my way into the sitting room with my parents. Ruby's brother and my best friend, Matt jumps up and pulls me into a hug.

"Hey, bro," I smile, hugging him back and patting him on the back. "How've you been?"

"Great," he grins, tossing me a beer and plopping himself down onto the couch. I sit down beside him and open my beer. My parents and Matt's parents sit on the other couch and chat away.

I look into the hall to see where Ruby is; I noticed her car in the driveway on the way in so I know she's here. "Where's your little sister?" I ask Matt.

"She's asleep upstairs," his Mom, Susan, answers.

"Oh," I say, slightly confused and worried. It's not like Ruby to be asleep so early. "Is she ok?" I ask.

"She's fine," she smiles back. Something about the way she looks at me though doesn't convince me.

An hour later Matt and I are still drinking; I'm beginning to get restless as Ruby is still asleep upstairs. I'm dying to see her and I don't think I can wait any longer.

"I'm just heading to the bathroom," I tell Matt as I place my beer down on the table and head towards the door. Although there's a bathroom downstairs, I quietly make my way up the stairs.

I thread lightly down the hallway in the direction of Ruby's room. I know that Susan didn't lie about her being asleep and I don't want to wake her up. When I reach her room, her door is left slightly open. I poke my head into the room and look over towards her bed.

Ruby is lying in her bed, fast asleep. She looks beautiful. Man, I'm so whipped! She's lying on her side, her entire body is hiding under the large fluffy mass that is her duvet. She's facing the door, allowing me to look at the beautiful young woman that graced my dreams every night for over half a year. Her long blonde hair is spread out across the pillow and her long black eyelashes flutter as she dreams. I have to stifle a laugh as she frowns and pulls her lips into a pout. She looks adorable.

I decide to leave her be, hoping that she'll wake up soon and come down to see me. Gently, I close the door over slightly and reluctantly make my way back down to where Matt, my parents and his parents are.


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